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    UV lamps explained - (why any old lamp just won’t do!). UPDATED September 2019

    What about the companies that don’t sell lamps with their gel polish brand, but advise on what lamp to buy?
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    20 minute acrylics

    Just been reading though this thread. I'm doing an acrylic one bead method course in Doncaster in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to learning this method. I always do my 3 zones Iike was taught. I don't do many pink and whites these days as 80% of my clients prefer one colour acrylics...
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    Kim Lawless training Manchester / Birmingham

    I trained with Kim in Manchester in March 2014. In my opinion she's one of the best trainers out there and certainly the best for intimate waxing training. I've done a few waxing courses and nothing compares to Kim's. :)
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    Sweet Squared eligibility?

    If your qualified in nail enhancements already then to purchase acrylic or gel products from sweetsquared you would need to do the conversion course. As already stated above you can buy shellac and mani and pedi products from them. You just need to send fax over a copy of your certificates...
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    Nail files?

    I also use NSI dura files. Best I've ever used and last ages.
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    Is it worth doing another course in acrylic?

    Ive trained with CND and NSI. Both excellent products. Both different to work with. NSI have some amazing educators on their team, it's a shame and unfortunate the one you had let you down. If it was me I'd give head office a call and explain your dilema and book a 1 to 1 with another...
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    Is CND L&P as strong as NSI Attraction?

    I find nsi stronger smelling than CND L&p. But the smell doesn't bother me. I think I've become immune afte all these years. Lol Both excellent systems in their own right. I use both in my salon. I love them. :)
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    How can you charge so cheap!

    I couldn't give a toss who charges what. My prices are what I've set them at, what I'm worth and what top products I use in my salon. If people don't want to pay my prices, so be it. There's plenty that do and that's the type of clientele I aim for. Not some deal chaser. I understand everyone...
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    Sculpting and builder gels

    CND do a soak off gel called Brisa lite sculpting gel which is very good. NSI have just introduced their new range of soak off gels called secrets removable gel. Not tried NSI one yet though. :biggrin:
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    CND The Event 2015

    I'm not gong this year. Although very good value for money I was disappointed with the last one unfortunately.
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    Thinking of bringing back acrylic-views on NSI Attraction?

    Love CND and NSI. I use both in my salon.x
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    Patchy spray tan

    She said she did. Is there anything I can suggest she can do to even it out a little? X
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    Patchy spray tan

    Help needed I spray tanned a client yesterday morning and she has texted me today to say it has gone patchy on her legs after washing it off. I gave her aftercare advice before she left. I have spray tanned her once before a few months back before she was going on holiday and all was fine I've...
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    I buy all my tunics from salonweardirect. There excellent. Very good quality and lovely designs. X:biggrin:
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    NSI glitter mix ratio?

    Ah thank you ladies. That's fab. X