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  • Thanks so VERY VERY much for your kind words. They have given my day a very bright start xoxox And right back at you, I enjoy your posts too. Yes, please add me on FB, you'll find me under "Ongles Chez Victoria". Giant smoochies and talk to you soon xoxo
    Thank you so much for that nice comment. I am slowly starting to believe I can offer some classes :) Hopefully, if I pass, I will be an educator in january, but have thought about offering nailartclasses before that...xxx
    Hi Anne,
    I haven't seen you online in a long time and I hope you're OK?.. I miss you!

    Hope all is well sweetheart :hug:
    Hi hon, hope you are ok. I have no internet so have to go to tínternet cafe when I go online. As soon as things are up and running again, I will let you know. Hope all is well with you hon, big hugs xxx
    my freaking facebook just crashed and i cant get back into it, every other site is working apart from facebook. i could cry. and i was talking to craig so now he'll think im a right weirdo!!! Ill talk to you soon. xxxx
    Hi hon, just seen your blog :( Don't know what to say hon. Pretty rough at the mo, here as well. Hopefully sometime this week I will get it together and have a chat with you. Big Hugs, and Bugs sends a huge lick xxx
    I'm stunned, Annie. All the supportive messages between us and now you say I need banning from this site. Gee, really finding out who my friends are in here. Thanks very much.
    hahahaaha thats the good thing about being 5 hrs behind ya , lmao xxx
    Reading your posts in the blogs make me chuckle...LOL,but then i see you are a fire sign like me,so we always make a party LMAO x
    It worked....oh we have the same taste in music too!!! I am a massive Foo's fan & I am guessing your a Crooked Vultures fan too? x
    Your welcome & thanks for excepting me too! Dont know how to get smilies on here.......help! or is it a case of typing in the brackets etc.........lets see :) xx
    That sounds like fun Anne! Make the most of it - sounds like you deserve a good party! Take your time getting back into the swing of it hunny. I've just had a very small operations and that has set me back a little so I can't imagine how it must be for you. Stay strong, you will get there and you sure will know the good times too when they come along! xxx
    Thank you Anne,for responding on my blog,the PGCE has been tough,so much to cram in,especially since it has been a long time since i did my degree in linguistics.However i have loved every moment,i thrive on stress,and i used to work as a nursery nurse,i have always loved being with children.

    Thanks againxxx
    Hi hon, just about to get some kip, I am knackered lol. Will be online tomorrow night if you fancy hearing all about it? xxx
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