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  • Hey hunni, corset stuff is half sorted - my have I got a goody box for you hahaha

    Could you have a little peeky at my first critique and tell me what you think :) I am only just starting my training with EN and need some pointers :) xxxxx
    I was at the end of writing a novel length PM to you when my computer flashed up a 'something has gone wrong' message and shut itself down!!! :eek:
    Put it back on and everything I wrote has gone argh....
    I have to go out shopping now but I promise I will get back to you. (((big hugs)) Jo xxxx
    Love the pics of your dogs, I have a cavalier too. Read your blog comments earlier, was that aimed at me?
    Yeah hunni, im ok, Just a bit fed up with comments on here this is why I dont geek much anymore.
    Hope you are good xxxxxx
    You are very welcome hun, thank you for the rep too sweetie, I couldnt believe the nasty comment she made in the shout box then to start in having more digs on another post, well i was not impressed.:hug:
    Your welcome hun I totally agree with everything you said it is so out of order what's been said xxx
    Not been posting much because I've been sooo busy! I want to make it my mission to stop all the nonsense on SG, and to shout about being professional! I like a challenge!
    wow that could be worse as all i do is flick between this site and FB , hahah ssad or what?!!!whats ur username on it
    hey hun i hope your feeling better by now :) had a few rough weeks still not feeling that great but better than i were i done my fake bake tanning course yersterday at college and ordered a kit so cant wait for that to come just need to book myself on a waxing course now lol its all money money money isnt it!

    hahah , i dont mean YOUR man as in youre partner, irish slag "ur man" is said for everything and everyone, my aplogies
    oooh a new man , love it, with my boyf years and year, have a wee boy aged 6 so the dating flutters are a distant memory!! :( enjoy them !!
    im engaged to this site more than anything else!
    Awh thanks a mill Annie :hug: Now off you go and spread that luuuurve:lol:
    you just made my life a whole lot easier learning that tip, where were you the previous two weeks while i recapped the entire beauty industry???
    p.s your man is a hottie yes sirrrre
    Hi anne thanks a million, relief to her i am not alone (in the beginning !!)
    my god though you are sooo right about learnig so much, it has gotten to the stage that i have my word document page open on a tab and am writning down ppls tips ideas etc recommendations, its a total eye opener altogethr, i have left my full time job to attempt my own mobile clinic as my nixer clientelle was overwhelming me timewise am on this all night nd day building research for mysel while i decide entirely what path i want to go down
    the site is quite intimidating at first to a newbie, everyone seens to kow the regulars etc SIGH, ill get there though, who is the guy in your pic- avatar?
    Thanks a million for the friendship request.. it was so weird the way myself and busybee32 replied with more or less the same message at the same time on your thread about the tanning programme... looking forward to seeing it by the way... just hope I have bbc3 LOL.. better go check :lol:.. I LOVE your hair by the way and the pics are great xx
    No probs hunni - I am also quite like you and prefer to pay my own way ( or get hubby to at least lol ) I will, of course, now probably have to dig my machine out and get a corset on the go just for the sake of it as I couldn't possibly sift through all the corsetry bits and not could I heheh xxx
    The coutil and drill you can get from Vena Cava or - Sewing Chest Kelli on the latter site is totally amazing and I swear you will be corset hooked in no time hahaa

    I will work out what the bits total up to and give you a PM hun and am only ever the end of the PM or email button for crafty chatter and advice both ways :)
    Good luck for your date hun! let us know how it goes!
    Ps, got the secondment job! been so busy so will send you a pm all about it when i got time! xx
    Hi hun

    I have perused Bombay before - I am a total fabric geek and adore the stuff, especially Alexander Henry and any of his skull based lines :)

    I will spend tomorrow putting some bits and pieces together for you. You will need to pick up some nice, heavy drill fabric for your toile - and some coutil for your actual corset ( I rarely use it though and prefer to drill line and fashion fabric outer lol )

    Shall shout you once it is all put in a pack and get your address and such like xxxxx
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