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  • The Brisa lamp does have bulbs at the side, but I've tried curing the whole hand and no can do.. it doesn't work :(
    I kinda just wanted another Shellac lamp cause it's a pain in the bum waiting for the 2 mins... I'd have the nails done in no time with two of them.... oh the main reason I wanted the Shellac one was cause you can cure the whole hand and don't need to do the thumbs on their own
    I think the brisa and shellac are the same lamp? I don't use brisa but sure I read that it is the same,
    That's good to know cause I really want the new Shellac lamp cause I only have the Brisa one ... I'll have to invest in a new brush too :)
    I only ever use one coat for the white (I'd be afraid they'd chip with two coats)... I have a cheap flat brush from nails plus beauty and use that to sweep in the smile and make it a little crisper looking
    Hiya.. you usually charge double what you would charge for a file and paint for Shellac... so say for me, I charge €15 for a file and french (with nail varnish), so I then charge €30 for Shellac... I'm charging the same for the colours and the clients are more than happy to pay it. It's not as stong as Bio, granted, but usually my clients pay €50 for Bio overlays and get 4 weeks out of them before they have to return to me and with Shellac, they pay €30 and then return in 2 weeks to have it removed and redone again. :D
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    Hi.. Yes I use Bio too and you can't really compare it to Shellac. I find Shellac is perfect for clients that have good nails and usually go for a paint... Shellac isn't as strong as Bio, but I haven't tried it over Bio yet (I'll have to use myself as a guniea pig for that) My clients get a good 4 weeks out of Bio overlays, but you would only get 2 weeks out of shellac (which is how long its meant to last for).... I have to say I love it.. I'll keep you posted when I get around to using it over Bio gel :)
    No sweetie I didn't, but I think you have to contact sweet squared and they will give you a special link to put on your website, so your clients can view all the designs x
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