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  • hiya. i always have used art nails vrush pens, short, medium and long. they are the best striper brushes ever. however i also like Mosaic brushes.
    Practice is the best tip. Practice to perfection, dont give up. Yur passion will fuel up your skills. It takes time. Take it slow and it will pay back. Good luck)
    Thanks hun - i qualified 2005, working for myself for the last 2 years and Love doing nails, have more training booked in myself in the next couple of months doing lashes, spraytan and facials, can't wait. Always training really though when you are doing nails, there is always something walking through the door that you have never seen before lol. This site is fantastic and will help you loads. I get on here as much as i can and you pick up so much and most people are really helpful. Hope you enjoy your course, - umm tips - i think the best one is don't expect to produce perfect nails straight away practice practice practice! and always be your own worst critic, that way you will strive to improve forever!!. That's what i do anyway. No matter how good people say things are i pick holes !!! but that's me - have fun x x x
    Im starting a betec level 3 in nail technology, at Petroc college,where I have spent the last 5 years doing hairdressing. Your nails look wonderful, how long have you been a nail tec??? any tips for a beginner?? xxx

    Love the photos of your work. I start my nail tech training in a few weeks, and I'm really excited about it (0: eileen (tresses)
    ok, so, about networking. It's a chance for you to meet other business women, get to know them, like them and trust them. People are more likely to do business with you if they know and like you! Different networking events follow different formats, but essentially what happens is that you each get a chance to say who you are, what you do, and the kind of clients you're looking for. You need to practise a little speech about that, known as a "one minute", an "elevator pitch" or just a "pitch". It's what people are going to remember you for, so make sure you get it right!


    This should get you started!

    I belong to the Athena Network, but there isn't one near you, unfortunately. I did find this for you though!
    Forest Entrepreneurs - home

    I get A LOT of business from networking; it's a very cost effective way to market your business!
    Good luck!
    Hi Kate i am in the new forest i tried to answer you earlier but it went a bit pear shaped, love this site but just not very good at it. I hope you are well looked at your nail pics earlier V impressive. Loved the red ones are they Gel? Don't do Gel myself - hated it in colleague and still hate it, i have bitten the bullet though and enquired about a course at Salisbury, should get the details any day now. Have had a couple of clients ask for them as they are hairdressers and their boss said they are better? Do not know why but hay a few years older might like it now!!
    hi ann
    just running around and saying hi and how are you
    hope all is well
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