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  • Anthony im sorry to bug u but Jo Shirley has raved about u from the moment i met her and started training with red10 so i thought i would say hello and i love love love love love love love ur work ur an inspiration but u should know that already!! :)
    Ah! thanks for that, the girls hands were very cold too. Never thought of trying the qmonomer, might give it a go.

    Thanks again
    Hi Antony, hope you are well. I have a quick question. I have been using HD and i did a set of nails and for some reason the thumb was setting really slow and was a bit rubbery so I put it in the UV light for a while and it worked. I was just wondering was that ok to do or will it effect the chemistry of the product? Did the light help or did it just need the extra time to cure.
    hi ant, how are you? did you ever hear any more bout coming over? i still havent got my educator cert. do you have contact details for gari dawn?
    ta hun!
    sorry that message is sooo long lol I just wanna make sure its ok...dont want to keep practising something if its wrong!
    hello there...hope your good thanx for a fabby class wednesday...I just wish I could of got my hands on that brush lid! lol (its Anna btw..the one you kept telling off! lol) anyway I just wanted to ask u a question if you dont mind.....ive been practising my smile lines loads since and although the actual line isnt too bad..im still really struggling to get it symetrical on both sides....and im not happy with them at all!
    however I found myself an easier way but im not sure its ok to do because I dont press it down much...so wondered if it would adhere properly to the free edge.....I got quite a large bead...put it on...let it settle...then I went straight in to carve a smile line...pushed my brush in centre and sweep left...then push in centre and sweep right...then smooth the bead over the free edge...I did that instead of pressing it all from the top in to position and then cleaning up the smile line..(am i explaining myself properly im not sure!)
    I found it easier to do that and looked a lot better but not sure...would it be liable to not adhere properly due to the fact im not really pressing any of it?? I press it a bit when im smoothing over but not a lot! :|
    Hi it was so nice meeting you at the show on sunday and even better getting a nail done by you ( i have got the 2in1 now to take care of the cuticles) shame the is nothing I can do about my small nail beds. lol xxx
    Its about time too that your back in the nest which is the salongeek aka bitching and backstabbing lol and thats just the good bits lol
    hi Ant, my names Sarah & im the latest educator for ezflow ireland. Will you be at the show in Dublin? love your work & just wanted to say hi. The faces are beautiful btw.
    hi antony just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic day today i really really enjoyed it im now enjoying a very well deserved glass of wine after being claires partner i need it lol love laura xxx
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