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  • THANKS FOR THAT HELP HUNNI. We appriciate the help. We know who it is and it is all OLD OLD stock from an illegal importer. Typical Fleabay!!
    Hay there matey!!

    Thanks for your email, I was actually thinking about you a day or so ago!
    I am well and I had a.....GIRL, four weeks ago. HER NAME IS AVA!!! She is so cute and looks just like her big bro. It was very quick Ruth and I love it. I will have just one more me thinks. Glad that you are working hard and still trying to get your bizz up and running. How are the kiddies?? I am after another tattoo,PMSL!!!!
    Hey Ruth, glad your little one is better.xx Am really well thanks. Kind of getting back into the full swing of things. I worked for 3 salons over the past 2 years - part-time as I still do 3 days a week in the office. Am just about to rent 2 days a week. Its going to be a challenge, as there are soooo many salons in Reading! Yep, totally enjoyed my training with Kim. Did a couple of treatments so far after my training, they went well...
    Try doing some offers to see if you could get peeps in. You must be really busy with the boys anyway!!! Take care of you and hang in there...xx
    Hi there hun, how are you and those lovely boys? I hope well.... Hey, you've been training with Kim as well, me too! How are you getting on with all of your waxing and so on?xxxxx
    Oh thank you so much Ruth....that's made my day. Remember........Be brilliant. Stacks of love. Kim xxx
    You will have to let me know how you get on, I would like to do several claSSES WITH KIM AS WELL SOMETIME IN THNE FUTURE !
    Thanks for the rep. It's funny but I always have to check back at what I've said as I can never remember. Big hugs. xxx
    Oh cool, glad that you found salon guinea pig useful; I really need to update it to do fancy things like send email notifications when someone posts a requirement for models, but am way too busy on other stuff at the moment (like an online booking system) - as well as being rushed off my feet in my day job too! I was in the office for just over 6 hours today, and 5 hours yesterday, but still ended up working like a loony on my pet projects when I got home too, I'm a complete workaholic nutter sometimes lol...
    Thanks for the rep, glad you like my warped sense of humour :green:

    You're a Ruth too, aren't you?
    Hey chic! Loooong time! What da heck have you been up to? How's the family? Have you opened up a salon :). xx
    PMSL!!! You are so funny, give those kiddies a kiss from me! It's sunny down here at the mo but its set to rain on tomorrow plus get much colder. Summer....What summer. You'll find another job where they treat you perfectly!! xxxxxxx
    RUTH!!!! Where have you been?? I am so sorry its taken me so long to reply. I have only just logged it in. We are all fine here, soaking up the rays!!! lol How are you and the family, baby must be so big now?? Ohhhh, reply soon lovely!! xxxxx
    I've told him when he's ready I'll do it!!! Would to see any work you do!! Thanks for the support!!! :hug:
    I'm Looking forward to the run!!! Plus the waxing at the fundraiser the day before!!! I've had quiet a few sponsers couple off here online also!! So finger's crossed!!
    yep know the feeling, my two drive me mad but wouldn't swap them!!!

    Life's ok, hectic!! Still a bit in limbo with the piercings, not sure what I'm going to do yet shame really. My mate thats a tattooist keeps saying he wants to train me!! Have to say it would be amazing to do!!

    Glad things are going well with you!! I'm doing a run for cancer research on Sunday 10k in Manchester & a fundraiser the day before!! I'm doing waxings there!!
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