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  • hello;

    i am a eager student from india, a mua, training to be a hairstylist, i noticed you mentioned you were trained by her, i would appreciate if you can help me by recommending some academies for hair & up-hair courses

    also if you would recommend nathalie, i must tell you i am almost like a beginner, can she still help me,,,,?

    please help!!!
    thank you
    will do , maybe i should just get a name with nails and lashes and forget the island or tropical bit x
    it was gonna be naturel-spa, but as i have to do mobile or use a room in a hairdressers on a % basis i can not really use the name spa or boutique or lounge etc, i only do this when i have spare time as i work full time in hospital theatre and would not give that up ( pensions etc) x
    They sound cool, i was thinking maybe orchid beauty, island therapies, reinu sounds good and coral beauty x
    I must admit i cannot fault Essie polish, i was in a dilema as i work at the local hospital so cannot have enhancements, but Essie polish stays great on my hands although i only have it on for 3 or 4 days at a time, i got most of mine of ebay xx
    Just seen a thread when you came up with a good name for a salon, any ideas for a fijian or tropical beauty business ( i mainly do nails and eyelash extensions )?
    Hi, yes they are really nice. I wear the exotic oil in white gingerlily at work instead of perfume and people always comment on how nice it is. Where in the south west are you, i moved from Stoke-on-Trent almost 5 years ago to Plymouth.
    Sam x
    Hi Hun, Thanks for my rep point. Sorry I have only just found it I am still a bit pants at this site. Hope all is going well. xxx
    Hi, Applepie, just a quick hello from one South West lass to another! Babs xx (aka Retired)
    Hi Helen
    Yep your right it is disappointing but hey, I can wait a little longer and as you say it is worth waiting for. Thank you so much for asking Collin, I really do appreciate it.

    Did you manage to pick up any good tips from it?

    Thanks again

    Vicky x
    Ive had a good Christmas thanks, did you? The Victoria Green on the list is me but according the list published on here Im number 2, after you. What do you suggest we do?

    Have you received the whole ball of wax dvd yet? If not have you any idea when you might be getting it?

    Im on the list just below you for it and Im looking forward to getting a peek at it.


    Thanks for your lovey message, you are more than welcome I'm so glad it helped you x
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