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  • Thank you for the comment on my Zebra Minx isnt Minx just the coolest thing! xx
    Just thought I would let you know, I waxed my sisters eyebrows and forgot the petroleum jelly and she ended up with no eyebrows............ ha ha only kidding. It was easy and she was pleased thank god, I didn't tell her about Nigel until after I had done them lol. I did patch test for eyelashes too. I'm waxing my mums eyebrows tomorrow, doing hot paraffin wax on her feet and doing acrylic nails on her. Hopefully it will all go well. Well that's what I am telling myself anyway. :)
    I passed ith flying colours ( or should that be grades! )Dont know what I was worrying about haha! Cant wait to get going now.
    Thanks for asking
    HI yes that will be great if you pass my mobile no on as I have to work in the salon all day tomorrow, but if they text me that would be great Thanks
    Not on facebook this is bad enough as I seem to be on here forever instead of marking work!
    Take care and thanks
    No, not used their products, they wouldn't stock me as I'm a one-man band!
    I use Gerards alongside my holistic therapies.

    I had a treatment in Brecon and thats how I found out about ytaris the first time.
    Hi Lorraine
    My clients won't have this done as they are mainly older or just don't want to have an extreme bikini wax. So I thought I would go on the tan training instead. If I can get someone to do this course then I can do the other course as my original client is away on holiday and the other one has chickened out!
    I know it's normally really expensive to do this course so thought this might help someone out.
    Let me know anyhow
    no I haven't sorry, but check out the link that I provdided, it may be on there.
    It really is a lovely bowl.
    Hi Yes it at Carlton Institute. I've done a couple of courses with them and can;t get to this one but if I take on another course then they will let a friend take my place. If you want to do this can you give us a call to arrange it. My mobile is 0792 355 6172 Thanks
    Wey Hey, just uploaded a picture - hope I don't get shot down for using a Googled one .....
    Hey Lorraine, feeling much better now thanks, had a rough night though. Afraid I don't know how to download a photo - you'll have to ask a real proper Geekie for help with that! Hope you have a good week xx
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