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  • Hi I have just seen that you had your training in coventry with nsi . Was it with Beverly. I'm starting my training there in 3 weeks time .what it was like ?? I'm doing acrylic foundation course .let me know please thankyou x
    Hi there, thanks for message. I am driving my partner mad with my indecision. Not sure why medical education is sooo boring. I didn't actually give up my previous job until I had an email confirming salary etc. but then it was changed after I gave my notice in. It was not a good way to start a job. The lady at substance misuse said I could probably do extra hours occasionally which would bump up my salary a bit. I am just waiting to get confirmation in writing from substance misuse before I give my notice in. I have been there three weeks now without a contract etc., how much notice is decent to give???
    Hi there, thanks for your message. You have been with the NHS a long time. I think I would enjoy being a medical secretary too. What is your opinion of medical education, I find it a bit boring and also too thought that Substance Misuse might be more interesting.
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