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  • Hello again!

    I did think much more of the training at South Tyneside but the salon itself was quite nice when I was there. I am based within Rainbows on Saturdays but the room is very small and I do more mobile so I am thinking about leaving. I also have space to work from home so thats been an option. Just lots of legal stuff to consider...

    Sorry to hear about your pregnancy sickness! I was ill with my second up until I was around 20 weeks. I remember the feeling! Still fresh in my mind so I think I will stop at 2!

    Take care! x
    hya long time no see,

    Yeah have to say south tynside is a pretty good college.

    I worked at Sinclair's too before it became an academy - that was 1992 - salon wasn't that nice really - bit tatty.

    I'm not bad thanks - getting back to work after my pregnancy sickness. But taking it easy.

    What salon in shields is it?
    Thanks for the reply.

    I have 1 lady at redhouse that I go to regularly.

    Did you train at the Hylton centre?

    I trained at South Tyneside.
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