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    Lash extension training in Surrey or West Sussex, UK?

    Hi lisaanne I am in Dartford Kent, I run courses, for more info please send me a message and we’re see what we can do for you
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    Eyelash refund

    I don’t understand why the lashes weren’t separating? Do you mean at the base of the extension they were not seperating from another extension? How did you add lashes where there was no hair? Just curious as to what you mean. Once I understand abit better I can recommend what I would do xx
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    Newly qualified lash tech, does it get easier?

    Hi, it could be down to many reasons, room conditions, prep, attachment, aftercare if you would like to inbox me I can give you a step by step of what I do x
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    Lash extension questions

    Hi I like LushLash, uklashinstitute & lash heaven
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    Newly qualified lash tech, does it get easier?

    Hi RachieC, your work looks good Hun you should feel proud, my first sets were a lot messier with ridiculous unsafe lengths used. Each step will get easier and easier. My advice to all new techs is never ever worry about your timing, take as long as you need and all of a sudden it will just click xx
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    First post & first set of lashes

    You only practised on one eye? And then qualified? If so this set is such a great effort you should be really pleased with yourself. Practice will make perfect, get your friends and family in to practice on. When you start out concentrate on isolation. X
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    Lash extension brands

    Hi Kristie, I currently use lash heaven lashes, I’ve tried velvet lashes last couple of weeks and they are gorgeous too! Other go to brands for me are lushlash & uk lash institute.
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    Lash extensions, opinions please

    Hi, I would suggest you look into some mentoring, it’s usually a lot cheaper then booking a full course, and the mentor will be able to tell you what they use and what works well. Things do change all the time in the industry and even if you did find your paperwork it may be slightly out dated...
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    Classic lash extensions starter kits

    LLashes by Emma smith will cater to your needs, give her an email explaining you need a starter kit and she will be more then happy to help! Her products are great.
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    Lashes for Russian volume?

    I use and love lash heaven, there are great brands out there tho, uklashinstitute and LLashes are also dark and easy to work with.
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    Eyelash extensions help asap!

    Yes pop a new glue blob on your stone every 20 mins I recommend, I always cleanse the lashes and then use primer. Buy so cheap curved tweezers and give them a go
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    Lash extension separation

    Hi Katie, other techs probly look good because they have been qualified a while, not recently like yourself, separation is the toughest but also the most important, if you are using a straight tweezers to isolate try with a slightly curved tweezers this will give you a different angle which you...
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    Eyelash extensions help asap!

    Hi, with the glue going tacky are you shaking the bottle for a minimum of 1 minute before using? What are you putting your glue blob on? Inner corners what shape tweezers are you using? A curved tweezers can normally isolate the inners easier then a straight tweezer, also make sure your eye...
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    Lash extensions & makeup wipes?

    Hi msophie, ideally on the lashes and that area itself you should be looking at offering your mum a cleanser designed for lash extensions! There are plenty on the market, where you purchase your lashes from Will more then likely offer a safe cleanser too.
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    Lash cleaning and retention

    It’s a fine mist of water you spray at the end of sets to help the adhesive cure faster. It’s also great for when humidity is low in your room x Here is the one I use x