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  • Hi Hun, I love reading your posts. I am struggling to find a supplier that does a variety of lengths and colours preferably Remy hair, can you help? X
    Thankyou for the heart my darling I am getting increasingly annoyed by the tone of some posters on this site. We are supposed to offer advice and friendship are we not? xxx
    I tried various things. Did you use glue? Doesn't seem like that is what they have done as it kind of defeats the purpose. I'm thinking either pinch braid types or tied in some way? I had a go but couldn't really figure out best way and in the image you really can't see what they have used.
    Received your message and thanks for the very kind words :) if you are ever in London come visit me in the salon space I will be having soon! Cant wait!
    Yes that's exactly it I didn't ever think that I would see her loose her first tooth it was amazing the excitement of it she was scared yet excited lol sooo funny.I'm very proud of her my special little dot lol.

    I am always happy and pretty strong I have been through the worst being when my son died and I always said I would live my life happily and reasonably sensible for him as he didn't get the chance.Billie keeps me on track happy and strong she's
    Thank you very much for your kind words.she means the world to me and is the strongest little thing you would ever see.her first tooth fell out tonight and she is ecstatic it's a mile stone for us I know that probobly sounds silly.

    Billie is a little fighter those eyes of hers are the best ever they have spark,fight,and determination in them.xxxx
    I love it :) its still so soft and silky. The bonds are tiny and not sticky or soft. The only thing i would say is that the curl drops a little quicker than the lush us, but Im known for my 4 day blow dries! haha! Its so nice, I really dont mind blow drying it a little more. Definately sticking with it ;-) xx
    :|:|Hi,can you help with a colour I have tomorrow,my client has been tinting her own hair for a long time and its a base of about 6 ,but wants caramel lights through it,but not sure what to go for,any suggestions please,I use koleston. Thank you Marj
    Glad you like the wedding pics! Yes, we did have a Pagan handfasting. I'm a strange mix myself though - a mix of Unitarian, Quaker and Pagan - with a leaning towards the Creation Spirituality movement (which is a sort-of fusion of Christianity and Paganism)...
    :-O no I haven't seen it ha ha ha!! .. "so last century" lol.. Actually laughed reading that message!! Where we're they when we were actually wetting ourselves over that?!? Xx
    not had chance yet, yes have an ultra sonic machine, but been using normal nail tips so gonna try preparing them like you did :)
    Well no physical things have happened since we still have the rest of it but I can handle that.I'm still going to get someone in to investigate and to make them leave as I still feel a bad precence here.thank you so much for your posts it's nice to know not everyone thinks I'm
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