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    Can you mix acrylic powder with gel?

    I follow protocol. Period. You do you honey. Where did you obtain your chemistry degree, just out of curiousity?
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    Can you mix acrylic powder with gel?

    I'm so sorry that 2 years ago I didn't know what future innovations would be. Get over yourself and your self-righteous indignation. She wanted to mix random items, not use a bespoke system. I'll even say it again: BIG DIFFERENCE.
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    CND Shellac chipping

    Which lamp are you using?
  4. attitude

    Best cuticle remover?

    Cuticle Away is the BEST
  5. attitude

    Hair extensions - extentions?

    Definitely extensions
  6. attitude

    Acrylic toe nail - opinions please

    You did a good job, but this isnt reconstruction imo. It's adding length.
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    To change my name? Advice please

    Yes, change it.
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    'Holes' in Shellac

    Exactly as fluffy26 says.
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    Natural nail repair before gel polish

    I also use silk.
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    Festive working hours

    I have always been a key holder wherever I've rented. As the law says, self employed can work whatever hours they like, so how could I get in otherwise? Charge by the month if it bothers you that she works long hours.
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    Room renting advice

    I would not agree to that ever. Years ago I was renting an extremely small room in a salon. The owner informed me one morning that another nail tech (total newbie) was also going to be working out of my room when I wasn't there, and using my nail table and bed and oh, could I teach her all I...
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    Festive working hours

    If she is self employed, she can work whenever she pleases. If she agreed to closing you could not charge her for that week.
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    Sacking a client

    No! That's just punishing another tech. Let her find her own damn tech.
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    Clients cancelling last minute due to sickness & not the first time

    I understand where you're coming from, but as someone with a chronic illness (Crohn's) I am literally minute to minute whether I'm well enough to leave the house or not. I could be fine one moment, terribly ill the next. My suggestion is to check their record card to see if perhaps it's a legit...
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    Sacking a client

    I had one just like this. Believe me, it's just not worth it. I hate confrontation as well, but I said to her: I'm sorry, but you'll need to find a new tech. I don't seem able to give you what you want and it's best we part ways as we are not a compatible fit. She protested and I stood my...