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    Messed up highlights, help!

    You could use a 6/0 and pick out the bled sections and pop them in a foil painting only the root and take it right up to the scalp, If it bleeds it will be fine because once you have put them in, flip the foil and wipe away any tint from underneath. In future when you are highlighting, go...
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    Online booking, to do or not to do?

    100% get online booking. We have noticed a massive shift towards online booking and clients love it. As long as your system is good and easy for them to use. I have a crazy busy diary and many of my clients will look through the online booking to see when I have time and then phone to book it...
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    Unhappy with Wella

    I have used Scwarzkopf Professional and have done for years. They support me amazingly. One of my team was on their young art team, one is just back from the Philippines teaching under privileged kids how to cut hair and I am on a team called The Collective and we are digital ambassadors for the...
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    High Lift Wella

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    High Lift Wella

    High lift will probably look even warmer against the white ends even if you use the coolest tone and develop for an hour. I'm not familiar with Wella bleach however 9% will lift quicker and as a result will bring out the yellow tones, the lower the developer the the slower the lift but the...
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    Colouring natural white hair

    Dove Grey is more of a toner and is meant to be used with 3% only or mixed with 3% + conditioner for a more diluted tone. Think grey enhancement rather than white coverage. 6% will not really work. Do you want to have 100% coverage and a definite root or a softer grow out? And what depth and...
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    High Lift Wella

    If it was a full root application 9% is a bit much if she was as light as a base 8/9. Usually 6% is more than enough (unless you are lifting a base 5 or darker) and making sure your application is a thick layer and cross checking develop for 45 minutes - 60 minutes. Use a silver shampoo like a...