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  • hi Sarah
    what a coincidence, I havnt logged on to salon geek for months and months!.
    I dont mind at all. Extensions here are mind blowingly popular, nearly everyone has them and acrylic is used 99.9% of the time, thats the good news. The problem is that they are loads of women doing it and they are mainly unskilled,use mma and the prices are really really low, about 23gbp for a full set and just over 10gbp for infills. The nail art is quite 'blingy'. I actually stopped doing nails last year although miss it a lot. You can get NSI here.
    Ill give you my email and mobile, please contact me (if you would like) and Ill be more than happy to help you with this or with anything else and please give me a call when you arrive. avivagros@gmail.com 054 4412 966
    All the best, Aviva
    I hope you don't mind me PM you. My Husband is Israeli and we are planning on moving back really soon. We have family in Raanana. I was wondering how popular acrylic extensions are? do you have many clients? is there a trade for mobile nail techs. Thanks any information would be great. I hope the weather isn't too hot for you at the moment.
    Hope to speak soon
    Sarah Gilad
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