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  • Hey Andy, loved that tutorial of the male brazilian or hollywood as you would call it. Question.....what was was that you used? I am just starting with the berodins and I like it I just found yours looked more pliable.

    help please, need to remove facial hair,upper cheek sides and above eyebrow.. the regions mentioned have been shaved using philips shaver 2.8 years back during their infancy.

    i was thinking waxing... does it fasten the groeth, what precautions i ought to take
    how often would i need to wax. any thing else i need to know.. am in chennai... am planning to go to "naturals".

    the upper cheek region has been frequently grows like nomal beard.. please help
    Hi Im also looking to do some wax training in North Wales and would appreciate it if you could let me know if your doing any training here. Thanks
    hi im looking for wax training in north wales starting from basic to male cud u direct me in right direction please
    Hi Andy, Dan here (one of your models at recent Hinckley workshop). Just joined and added you to friends list.
    Well done Andy on your awards! Fab news and well deserved. You are a great inspiration! I hope you are celebrating big time this weekend - pop the bubbly xxx
    Hiya Andy,
    Just read one of your tutorials and would love to offer male waxing. Do you ever come up to the north east?
    Thanks hun x
    hi Andy. just enquiring if you do training ? i read a couple of posts that have mentioned your name.I own a tanning/beauty salon where iv been the nail tech for 9 years but i recently gave up the nails due to me not being able to sit for long periods thanks to a neck/back repetetive strain injury. i need a new obsession and im desperate to wax. iv done a basic one day waxing course but i dont feel it was enough to let me loose on the public.I am a perfectionist and iv got my salon reputation at risk so id rather learn all there is to know befor a open my waxing room..regards joanne.l.abell
    Hi Andy at last ive found you on here, love the profile mate, all the best Philip
    Hi Andy - could you offer me some advice on eyebrow waxing with p. rigot non strip wax?
    Having read some of the posts on the geek forum I'm understanding you use the hot wax for eyebrows. I'm currently using the non strip, and not having great success (not helped by the fact I'm not great at tweezing).
    Any help would be much appreciated....jtp (scottish geek & new perron rigot convert!)
    Dear Very Sweet Lovely Andy -
    Thank you so very much for your kindness and lovely thoughts. I just received the 'package' yesterday and I have to say, it couldn't have landed on a nicer day (our 10th wedding anniversary). Needless to say, the pink champagne truffles didn't last long at all!! I have been very honest with the MODS and told them that you had sent them to us all but unfortunatley for them, we have something called Katrina, Debbie, Kelly, Sue, Julie and Katie in the sales dept... I couldn't deny them.

    So we all thank you very much and I am sending hugs and blowing kisses South from Yorkshire!!! xoxox
    Just poppon in to say Hi we don't see you about much these days,miss you xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi, I hope this is appropriate to send a message to you like this but I am new to this site and not quite sure how it works yet so I apologise if its not ok. I am currently at collage studying ITEC Beauty. We are just starting waxing and I am new to hot waxing and never performed it before or had it done to me, and although my tutor is lovely she is not keen at all on hot waxing and never used it when she worked professionally. On my bikini it was a lot better that cold waxing for me so I really would like to master it, but I am really strarting to struggling and lose my confidence as we are suppose to be practicing at home, but I am especially struggling with under arms. I found your tutorial the other day which was really great and I am very thankfull, but I wonder if you would be able to give me a reply on how you perform an under arm wax properly if you have time please. We have been told to apply talc, then apply the wax against the direction of the hair growth in a figure of 8(?) in a five piece checka-board style to start the treatment then once removed apply a second application to the remaining patches of hair that are left to esure you never apply hot wax over the same area twice (meaning when we start, one will be directly in the centre of the patch of hair with no hair free place to make a lip so to pick at the wax to make one - ouch) Actually we were told to always pick to make a lip but I have found on your tutorial that you can use a cold piece of wax, shiney side up to make a lip. I find it really hard to work out the direction of the hair under arms as it seems to go everywhere so wax must be applied in all different directions - am I making a mountain out of a mole hill here? Also, never to apply oil underneath either only ever talc?, but when I tried oil it seemed to hurt a lot less that with talc.

    I have tried under arm waxing a couple of times on some poor unsuspecting victims (that were once friends on mine but I am not sure they are now) and all three times it makes blood spots appear as it did at collage when we did it on each other and they find it really painfull when I pick at a lip on the set wax in the hairy area. I tried this on my own bikini in a central area that was not hair free and the picking really does hurt more than the removal! Our tutor said this is all normal and just how its done, no pain no gain - is it really? Thanks hope this is ok
    Hello you....lovely to hear from you and congrats to you too! Couldn't believe it when I saw my name! How fab you are going to the party! Are you at G-mex this weekend too? xx
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