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  • Hi!
    Been doing a search on Clarisonic, as I was given one for personal use and I love it.
    I read that you use the system in the salon.
    May I ask how you sanitise the heads, and do they degrade very rapidly with salon sanitation?
    Thanks for reading!
    Great to hear from you! Nothing to be nervous about, the CACI training is very thorough! All is good here thanks, as I'm on two weeks holiday, although I'm back to work Monday :(
    Yeah, I think the same, and light is always my issue too x
    I concentrate on tanning and massage now x
    Hi , yeah, not been doing many lashes for ages, but getting back into it, did you like the course xx
    That's ok! To be honest I don't come on here too often anymore as I get a bit tired of the same old posts and the dwindling numbers of those who seem to be in the business seriously instead of playing at it! Every now and again I have a quick peruse, but rarely feel inclined to post!
    Coming along well 9 weeks to go !!! Lucas is 3 in a month, can't believe how time flies ! We really need a good catch up on msn soon. Next time you are online let me know xxx
    I lose track of where you're working!! I've not used Axxium, but doesn't sound much fun to work with! I still wish I had bought the LED lamp, seems to take forever with uv. Agreed the Decleor Christmas sets are gorgeous, I've sold loads of them. I'll let you know about the new facial Thimbu, all I know is there's a new massage and some roller thingy!
    Hello! Thanks for the rep, and yes, it was a little rude wasn't it! Mind you, I sometimes come to expect it on here!

    Everything's going well here, business is fantastic and I've just seen the new product launches & special box sets for next year from Decleor, which has got me very excited as there's something every month! Also, I booked to train in January for a new anti-ageing facial Decleor are launching, which gives me something to look forward to in the new year. Thankfully all Decleor training is free, so I don't have to worry about scrimping over christmas!! How's you?
    I took off a set today; two weeks after applying & was very impressed. With the heated mitts it came off after 7 minutes! Apparently, although there are no lifting issues, it does come off better with soaking if you don't buff! I'm using the UV lamp, although I might upgrade to the LED as I keep finishing painting before the 2 minutes are up!!
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