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  • Hi Baggybear

    Hope your dad is still progressing every day and your mum is feeling better now too.

    Hope you don't mind me picking your brain, please don't worry about replying straight away with everything thats going on for you at the minute, but when you have time I wondered if you could give me some more info Cuccio Pronto SOG. I'm looking to train with them in a couple of months, I already offer Shellac but would like a step up from here. OK waffle out the way. Is Cuccio Pronto the same as Eco? I notice they have clear sog and im wondering can I mix this together with my cnd additive pigments to create new colours? How do you find removal? Do you wrap off? Am i right in saying they now have a uv top coat that soaks off, is that right? How do you find the system as a whole? OK thats it for my 20 questions hahah. As said no rush for a reply just when youve got some spare time. Love n hugs x Laura x
    Hi Cheryl, just a quick little note to see how your Dad is doing and of course to let you know that I am thinking of you. Big hugs
    Hi hun,

    No problems, your advise is sound and never fails me. I often copy it and place it in a file for me to review and refer too! (Hope you don't mind?!) x
    hi hun, i know your busy and get asked lots of questions but im really hoping you can help me. i have done the training course for swarovski where i was taught to buff the nails and push back the cuticles, apply gel bonder, then base coat and cure then linen gel polish and glitter and cure. finally gel bonder and set crystals in this and cure. Unfortunately the crystals are not staying in and popping off the next day. Could you give me any advice, i have scoured salon geek but as im not nails trained i dont understand a lot of the terminology
    Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking you this question but I have read quite afew posts from you and you seem very knowledgable and approachable, I am a 100% newbie on this site and I don't even know how to post a new thread, hence me asking you direct!!!!! Anyway enough of the waffle, lol, I have done a lot of research on what spray tanning course is the best, I have decided to go with sieanna x, however I asked the rep if their true mist machine was the same as the ts50, which Is the one I really want after reading your recommendations, But i have just read a post saying that these two machines ARE NOT the same!!!! So my question is, are they arn't they???? If they are not then the rep should not be saying they are just so I would purchase theirs, should they? Please help me make my mind up whether to purchase the ts50 from somewhere else before I go on the course next week. Sorry it's a long question but I would appreciate your answer.
    Hi, just a quick catch up, how was Euro Disney. Did you get to meet Mickey and Pluto? LOL I have not seen you on here much, I think we are visiting diferent posts at diferent times, Also it has been quite busy lately so cant complain. Make hay while the sun shines, as my grandad used to say. Hope you are well and that everything is going great at your end
    Thank you! I'll give it a read. I meant for doing on me, where they're a bit of an outlay, I'm nicer to my clients!
    Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the clarification on the crystals. I've been trying to find the thread where you mention how many crystals you use for one pedicure of all ten toes. (At least I think it was you!). Can you reuse them after soak off?
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