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  • Hi there Ive noticed you also use LA tan, I have just started using it, I sprayed my friend the other night and it went on lovely, but the next day she said it had gone much lighter and had a slight greenish tinge to it!!!!
    I didnt want to post on the page as dont want to put people off! just wanted your opinion, i used the 12% dark colour xx

    Noticed you have used cuccio gels in some of your posts and just wondered it if is curable with a LED lamp. I have both kinds of lamps but like the speed the LED gives me. Hope you can help :) Sarah
    good for you, I tried not to get upset either and actually deleted one of my replies to her as I felt it was a little too sarcastic. I am actually not going to reply to her at all any more no matter how many buttons she is trying to push. Thanks love, hopefully the mods will whip her into shape, she sounded so enlightened and all peace and light in the first response. Go Figure. What have you got planned for our fabulous Jubilee weekend?
    Hi Baggy, I have just used the red button on LorraineE, dont know if anyone else will but she is now blatantly Trolling and flaunting the fact that she has friends on here who will ask questions for her. Just thought I would let you know as I thing her treatment of you was HORRIBLE
    You are welcome, you said exactly what I would have loved to. Water off a ducks back hun, if she wants to withdraw feeling she has had the last word that is her choice. We all appreciate you:D

    PS Thanks for the heart this morning
    Probably not :lol: But it's such a great point I hope it doesn't get overlooked! xx

    i hope you dont mind me messaging me but you seem the person who is most knowledgeable on this site.

    I am thinking about doing swarovski toes however i dont do nails, what would you recommend i put them on with, should i use glue or a gel? can i do them without being nail trained.? and is ss5 still the size you use.

    again i hope you dont mind me messaging you xxx
    Thank you for the likes :) Glad you enjoyed 50 Shades - there's been an interesting discussion about it on the Digital Spy forums if you ever hang out over there as well!
    Hi, You sem to have loads of experience in crystal pedis so just wanted to ask. Do you ever use adhesive to set them or always gel, and do you always topcoat.
    I use shellac but am thinking of doing top and base, then use adhesive to secure crystals to eliminate the need to topcoat so that sparkle stays? Hope you dont mind me asking-im sure your sick of replying to threads about this. x
    hi Baggybear,
    Its Paula, just a quick message. Did you order the black work dress? I just wondered what it is like?
    Hi Baggybear - just after some Swarovski Crystal advice if you don't mind. I originally tried setting them in the Gelish but they popped off so I followed your advice and got some Cuccio Soak Off gel, which I did on myself yesterday - all was going good but after a day at work some have popped off - just wondered do you apply the gel really thick????????? help!!!! lol
    Thanks for the rep :hug: I think too few people know about it still and not many geeks look in the site assistance either. Might start another thread in chit chat or something
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