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  • Hi there, I hope you dont mind me picking your brains, been using Brown bitz tan 12% thats the darkest they do at moment ,well i've been mixing it with 18% LA tan to get a darker tan, 3 out of 4 clients been very happy with it and good fade off, but other client says she looks like she got a skin disease, worse tan ever, i did go over her tan alot as my gun was playing up blocking up again and was spraying really thin stripes, so not sure if it was bad cos i used alot of tan going over and over, what are your thought .Feel really upset now,dont know if to change tans again. many thanks.xx
    Hope u don't mind me visiting. Can you apply crystals onto Minx? Xxx thought all silver toes. 1 status bling toe. But thought the silver minx underneath would add to the bling!!!
    I'm Bio. Not sure if I could bio sealer gel over minx.
    I've just done a search on google - crystal pedicure images for a bit of inspiration and it shows yours as one of the images!! I recognised the red minx! Lol! Xx
    Hi baggybear, if your still interested in Kim lawless training could you drop caroline a call on 07803417282 and pop your name down as I think they need to know how much interest there is?thanks!xx
    Hi baggybear, I had a message from Kim lawless who said she knew of a training centre in Cardiff she could possibly use, and that she holds courses for 12 students at a time. I have left a message with her, waiting for a reply to find out what dates she may be looking at, hope you are still interested I'm sure there are others on here that may also be interested, will message you if I know anymore. X
    Thanks for taking the time to add your pictures to the Swarovski group hunni, much apprieciated :) xx
    Hi Baggybear, thought that you would be the best person to ask about swarovski has you own so many! lol Whats the best storage for these little things?? I bought a factory pack and it just came in a paper packet! The rest of the smaller quantities came in little poly bags xx
    Very well put on the non pro asking about Cuccio thread. Tried to rep but need to spread the lurve! I still prefer rep to hearts lol!
    Hi hun. I did a search about the Fraulein 38 curing lamp and saw that you used it. I have just bought one to cure NSI Hollywood nails and it just doesn't seem to be curing properly. I have been curing the nails for 4 mins to see if this helps and it still isn't right. Just wondering if you had any advice. Thankyou in advance Emma xx
    Hello baggy bear. I don't remember if I thanked you for those tanning sheets. They were very informative as found some bits I forgot to add to mines. Thank you very much. I've been upto my eyeballs as you can imagine. Xxx
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