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    Under curing?

    If you have not been trained to use gels then you will most likely not be using all the correct products in the correct way and have now more than likely given yourself an allergy to what you have been using. I would advise you to go to the doctor and get checked out to find out what you have...
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    Tan lines

    I think it depends if the underwear is tight on the client rather than your gun settings (when you are using 50ml for a 1 spray tan your gun is set correctly for a beginner), if the underwear is loose then the air will blow solution under and make the lines less defined. I suppose it also...
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    Tan lines

    All the things you listed above are about the guide colour when spraying but you don't tell us how the tan looks when it's developed & washed off. Is the tan even and a good colour when washed off?
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    Green tan solution

    Once the solution has gone green it is classed as gone off (usually 12 months unopened & 6 months from opening), even though people will still get a tan from using the product over time there will be a difference in the tan outcome because the DHA will get lower than the percent the bottle it...
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    Intimate hot waxer in NP22 area?

    Bumping in case someone in the area hasn't seen this yet.
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    Redundancy payment for self - employed staff

    If they are self employed they are not your member of staff. If they are your staff and you tell them what hours to work, what prices to charge, when they can have time off etc.. then they are employed not self employed and the answers above will be incorrect. If they rent the chair and have...
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    Mystery - please tell me what you think

    It is almost definitely something she has got in contact with that has caused it because it hasn't happened to any other client and she has had the same previously and it was fine. See if she can remember doing anything that she doesn't usually do, helped someone with a craft job or sat in the...
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    Mobile - taking payment

    I accept bank transfer done while I am there with them or cash. There should NEVER be the situation of 'I have no cash' because they booked the appointment and know they cost of they are having done but I do offer bank transfer as a few clients prefer to pay that way.
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    T200 gushing from trigger

    I think Steve@Nouvatan's youtube clip about taking apart the gun may help you, I think it may be that your gland nut seal or gland nut needs adjusting. 3.18 of the video on should help (at 6.12 on he talks about the gland nut again).
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    Did I do the right thing?

    I tell the client that what they can see now is only the guide colour, a make up that is there for you to see where you have sprayed and not an indication of how light or dark the tan will go. You should have determine the best solution & percent for the client in your consultation and once you...
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    Waxing with numbing cream

    Yes you cleanse and apply jasmine oil as usual. The numbing cream won't change anything in your routine, just wax as if you didn't know she had used the numbing cream.
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    Taking on self employed staff

    It doesn't matter if other salons in your area are not operating the way you know you should. Set an example and do it properly by just being a landlord - there may be quite a few people looking for the correct set up in your area but not willing to work the way all the other salons are set up...
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    Waxing with numbing cream

    PR sell a pre waxing cooling gel to reduce the skins reactivity & I use it, it makes no difference to the waxing procedure or the performance of the wax just helps the skin to not be so sensitive so apparently feels less painful.
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    Intimate hot waxer in NP22 area?

    I have a client who has contacted me to wax her as she is near the end of her pregnancy and wants to be ready for the birth (which she now is) but she is out of my normal working area and so I am looking to pass her over to someone more local. She was being waxed in Liverpool when visiting...
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    Trade shows?

    There is also the Welsh Hair & Beauty show, this year it is May the 8th.