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    First Artistic Colour Gloss and now OPI Gel Colour reduced in price

    It's also 15 ml which is double the size of Shellac.
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    Teeth whitening - really confused

    Beauty therapists doing teeth whitening is the NSS of the dental world. I really don't blame the GDC for wanting to stop it.
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    Greeting clients

    You are welcome :)
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    Greeting clients

    Also, if you don't know the answer it's not a crime to take the customers details, find out the info, and call them back. But make sure you do so quickly!
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    Greeting clients

    I used to work in customer service, before long this stuff just flows naturally. Answer the phone, good morning/afternoon, **** (name of salon) Michelle speaking, how may I help you? Take the booking or enquiry, repeat it back to them 'so we will see you in x date and time for a facial'. Is...
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    Waxing under 12s?

    In the US they have something called 'virgin waxing' where vellus, downy hair is waxed from a young age, apparently it inhibits hair growth as the girl gets older, this includes the bikini area.. I don't like the idea personally. With any underage treatments consult the HABIA code of conduct...
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    Reiki training - your experiences of it?

    Thank you x
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    Reiki training - your experiences of it?

    Thank you xx
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    Pregnancy test 2-3

    I think the 2-3 on the Clearblue is weeks pregnant. Congratulations :)
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    Reiki training - your experiences of it?

    I did Reiki level 1 for a few reasons. I felt I was picking up lots of negative energy from clients and needed to learn how to manage that. Losing my Mum last year very suddenly caused a few emotional issues, this really, really helped. And I met some absolutely wonderful people that I now...
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    Reasons to be cheerful...

    Trolls are usually people who are very close to you. Someone I knew a few years ago was being terrorised by someone online, this girl thought her PC was being hacked as the person knew quite personal details. It turned out to be one of her close friends. Enjoy your day :)
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    Has anyone trained with Zen Tranquility Holistic beauty?

    I've done a couple of courses with their Hampshire tutor, very helpful and I learnt lots.
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    "Healthy" competition from office worker

    Why are people so concerned about competition? So what. If she's undercutting you, or putting up 'cheap looking flyers', and the fact you spoke to HR shows that you are p***ed off. The first thing we learnt at college was to never criticise another therapist. If I was in your position I'd wish...
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    Letting off some steam

    He hee
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    Letting off some steam

    CT scan on Fri, plus some other tests but I'm being very positive. Thank you xxx