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  • Hey Bambi...sorry had already left.
    You didnt miss out too much though as when i received the new pink 130 it had a clear top coat not the matching varnish!
    Hope business is good xx
    No don't buff the Minx, it should be used just as it is.

    I think there are some pics in my folder of some minx, with them I used S gel over top. No problems - lasted one client (hippy chick) 2 days, the (other half black half flower) two weeks!
    HI Donna,

    Sorry for late reply, haven't been on for a while!

    Bio over Minx was fine, not really sure it made much difference!

    I think the trick is when you apply Minx don't touch the adhesive backing at all!!

    It hasn't been that popular in my area but might pick up in the summer.

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