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    HMRC help

    Got ya. Hmmmm. I guess if there is a rule that no one can advertise in the shop then that's fine but they may just find somewhere else to rent. If they're paying to rent a chair they'll want the advantages of being able to advertise there I'd imagine.
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    HMRC help

    You don't stand anywhere I'm afraid. If they're self-employed they run their business inside your shop. You're just a landlord in this scenario. They should all advertise their own business name, their own price lists and manage their own bookings and take their own payments. If you aren't...
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    HMRC help

    What sort of advice you after? :)
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    Increasing prices when you're charging 40% below industry averages?

    If it helps, my opinion is there is never a 'good time' you tend to always find excuses why not to do it. Best to set a date, rip the band-aid and just do it :)
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    How to manage an 18 year old assistant effectively?

    To be fair that's pretty much how 99% of corporate positions run. My wife works in a bank and she has to go in to be sent home if she's bad.
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    How to manage an 18 year old assistant effectively?

    Honestly, I would've sacked her. Plenty of people would relish the opportunity you're giving her. Letting her friend in was gross misconduct and I'd be letting her go for that. Would have voided your insurance and all sorts.
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    Thinking about some January offers

    I make a rule to never discount in business generally speaking unless there is a real massive benefit. Being quite should just mean more marketing, not discounting. It leads to bargain clients who won't value you long-term or remain loyal 'generally speaking'.
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    As above, professional advice would be extremely beneficial and worth every penny. What I would say is make sure you see the value in a partnership vs going alone. What are the benefits as initially I can't see any apart from shared rent?
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    Higher cost treatments marketing ideas?

    As you’re offering high end treatments, without being rude, your website doesn’t reflect that. It even has the WIX banner on it so people know you haven’t paid a penny. Most people can spot a wix website a mile off too. Your website can make a real difference and provide a fantastic return but...
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    Online shop advice

    Certainly can do :) The biggest risk with PayPal for sellers is if they say they didn't receive their stuff, you'll lose your money and any dispute with PayPal every single time. PayPal never sides with the seller.
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    Online shop advice

    Hiya :) You know my recommendation anyway :) Shopify has pros and cons but yeah, it’s a full DIY system and you need the time to set it up. It’s a monthly fee. Like any DIY system, you wouldn’t own the website.
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    Clients with colds

    I’ve been getting it all wrong all this time! Soaking my feet in warm water and drinking plenty of whisky
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    Microblading mobile

    Most micro blading licensing from councils needs fixed premises and nearby sink/running water most the time I think. Some councils are stricter than others but it’s not unusual to fall into same licensing requirements as tattoo shops.
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    Room/nail bar/hairdressing chair to rent in new salon, Hornchurch Essex

    Getting staff is one of the hardest things in the industry and as you’re 3 months away I’d start looking now as you still may not find them in time. You have a very particular list of requirements and these kinds of people normally work for themselves or elsewhere so you’ll need to offer a...
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    Salon brands selling out

    I think you're absolutely spot on.