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  • Hi Amanda,

    It was nice to meet you all and would be great to meet again on a make up course, I thought Hannah was great.

    Glad to hear your make up was okay, mine was great to. Went to show it off up the pub when I got back. I'm debating whether to try it out today or not!

    Jackie x
    Hey Amanda, it was lovely to meet you too! It's always fun to learn something new x Louise
    Hi there- I think I know where you mean. What dept. did you spk to in the council? I have e-mailed a friend who works for planning in Cardiff, obviously he can't tell me if I'll be successful but I've asked him what the cost implications will be, lol.
    I don't mind losing a room, but it would mean either extending the house or moving if we had another child (which we're not planning on in the near future anyway).
    I've qualified since Sept last yr, but only went mobile in Feb, doing half price acrylics while I get my times down, but getting nowhere fast (still takes me 2 hrs), so I'm going on a 1-2-1 with CND next week. Can't wait!! I'd love to get a full time job doing it so I could leave my other part time job and just do nails all the time!!
    that would help wouldn't it!! Sorry, my name's Amanda! I phoned the council today funnily enough to ask what the implications of working at home are (i.e. do we have to pay extra tax etc) - the girl just took my details and said they'd send something out in the post. Do you have any information on this? How do you feel about losing one of your bedrooms? I'm in two minds at the moment about whether to stay mobile or use a bedroom? From your piccies looks like your nails are fab - how long have you been doing them? Do you have lots of clients? :) (your piccy of your baby is adorable!)
    Hi there, thanks for your msg-what's your name?? I used to live in Pencoed, still have family there. Yes I'm mobile, but I'm looking into changing my front bedroom into a home salon-If I get planning. Spk soon, Hannah-x
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