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    Eve Taylor Opinions

    I believe the website is being updated/relaunched very soon :biggrin:
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    Best tips

    I am halfway through my CND Foundation course and I would say I have learnt that you should only use the tips that your chosen system sells, (that's not to say you CANNOT use others) but I think you get the best result for your Client this way and can then give them the guarantee that what they...
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    Can't stand the fuss created by acrylic nail clients!

    im glad i saw this thread, im doing my CND foundation training next week so now am even more prepared on how to deal with such issues xx Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Anyone from South Wales?

    Hello! Based in Pencoed, near Bridgend - helpful to know you are all near :) x
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    Bridal makeup

    I would definitely recommend Airbase. It's flawless and really does last all day - I had this put on at a show (and also tried it myself at home) purposely slept in it and woke up with a perfect base on. Definitely a great investment - and you are 100% safe in the knowledge that when doing...
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    Is Minx REALLY that expensive?

    Why don't you all set up a group (or whatever it is you need to do) and if you are doing more fingers and not so much toes, swap with others who do lots of toes and not fingers? Problem solved.....for now :D
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    Going on my Shellac course tomorrow!

    Enjoy the course! I love that you are early!:) bet you are also beyond excited! Let us know how it goes x
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    Clean & Easy Roller Waxing Temperature

    I've had this happen in the past - have you cleaned the skin properly before applying the wax? Make sure you use the pre-clean and if still unsure smooth on a little talc. I've also changed from the paper type strips to the fabric strips and am much happier using those - it was only with the...
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    Self employment help please?

    Are you self-employed mobile or are you setting up a salon? There are varying degrees of advice depending on which way you are heading? x :)
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    Sukar Sugar Paste

    This is the white tub with the black writing - I'll give it a go - and when I get in a mess I will just kindly gift it all to my mother-in-law! I would like to point out I'm not planning on using this on my clients - it was purely for my mother-in-law as she has been after this for years -...
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    Sukar Sugar Paste

    Ohh thanks - so you just dig into the tub and gouge it out? It seems very tacky/sticky. I watched a video on Utube and somebody applied oil to their fingers before rolling around in the palm of the hand? Wasn't sure if oil would spoil the paste? So I don't heat it up then? Thanks for...
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    Mobile beauty name and advice

    Hi, when thinking about a business name think of how you want to be perceived. Do you want to be luxurious, "pink and girly" or straight to the point? Write down a load of words you would want associated with your business and then work around that.... i.e. Unique - which could then become...
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    Sukar Sugar Paste

    I have just taken delivery of a few tubs of this paste. It says its the original hand sugaring paste - but the tub says it has to be at 40 degrees to use. Having never used sugaring before I wonder if anyone can advise me on how I go about it? I bought the paste primarily for my...
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    Creating a new client consultation form

    Try and see what your insurers provide? When i had insurance with BABTAC they had lots of examples of after care policies :)
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    New eve taylor skin candles???

    The candles are great to have lit when carrying out manicure/pedicure. You can then finish the treatment with a massage using the softened wax from the candle (and so demonstrating to the Client how fab they are!) - the Client's love the smell and then you can offer them for sale! They have a...