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  • Thank you for your help with explaining the basics of colour, as simple as it seems now no one had sat down and explained it to me. I'm doing a evening course and its very fast tracked. Thanks again much appreciated. xxxx
    Hi there.

    Just some advice I need please.
    I am going to be using a high lift tint on natural level 5 hair. I realise that to get the best results the natural base should ideally be a 7 or above, but what do you suggest I use to help neutralise as much golden tones as possible. I will be using Koleston, so thought maybe 12/81 or 12/89
    She will be my new client and she already has the full head blonde tint which looks very golden because of her level 5 base. She has no idea of what her salon uses and cannot obtain any info from them. She is actually pleased with her hair anyway, so the golden tones are not really an issue, but I think they should be kept to a minimum as I want her hair to look as natural as possible.
    I have never used high lift on a full head before so is a bit wary.

    Cheers in advance.
    I wasn't having a dig at you in the relaxer post i do hope you realise that. I too am hoping to become a Trichologist , i am looking to enrol this year but dont know whether to go with Institute or Society ... any recommendations ???
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