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  • Hi Beautific, the two last pictures you have uploaded can't be viewed, i think because you have the numbers in the title x
    Eee ive never meet anyone with my birthday, thats funny :) your work is amazing, great talent :) x x
    Hi, I highly recommend gelish i wouldnt use anything else, the colour range and product itself is fab, i can get a gelish set done in 20/30 mins its so quick. The closest educator to you is Doncaster a training academy called Red10 number is 01302 325848 x
    loving the idea of microdermabrasion tbh!! been wanting to try it out for a while. well u let me know what exactly u want and we will sort something. x
    hi Yes still looking, is there anything your after? im actually after a few things doing!! lol x
    I am on rotherham road next door to the total petrol station, using la tan and theyre £15 xx
    I will do, where abouts in Maltby are you? Also how much do you charge for a spray tan and what solution do you use? xx
    It is, it's even longer than that I've decided I want to work in school and just do this mobile in the evenings and weekends lol x
    Hi I'm no longer at Carina's I just do mobile now. Unfortunately I don't have any dress type tunics for sale, I wanted one too because it's roasting in a normal tunic with trousers in this weather isn't it. xx
    Hi :)
    I am so sorry, I've only just seen your message! I usually come on here on my i-phone and it never shows me visitor messages. If you are still up for service swaps I would like a back massage or a facial, something relaxing like that :)
    Is there anything inperticular that you would like?
    And I am mobile xx
    So a fellow DVC graduate eh?! I still miss college - I loved being there!
    You will get more than 2 of each out of the kit. The protocols say to use half of the bottle in the kit for each treatment - way too much and you'd be wasting it. I got loads out of each bottle.
    Remember though that training is an investment so you can't always count that against what you make back on the kit.
    The idea is that you pay for training, get a kit included so that you can practice and recuperate some of the money back on the initial investment; at the same time as building a client base - booking courses with an upfront fee will allow you to then buy full sizes as you go along as you will use them until the next stage needed.
    The training is fantastic - Louisa is an amazing trainer!!!
    Sorry for the delay in reply.
    Ive only used their peels which I love! The banana is especially good and I bought the full sized version, mostly to use on myself he he!
    If you look at my site you can see my pricing:
    Matthew Taylor Skin Health & Body Therapy. Stockist of Eve Taylor Skin Care

    Let me know if theres anything else I may help you with!
    M. x
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