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  • Hi, not offering training in men's intimate at the moment. The course is being written ready to be submitted to The Guild but it will be taught in Berkshire rather than in Manchester.
    Do you fancy a spray tan swap its my bday on 16th and I go away the week after so I thought maybe we could do a swap so I can be tanned for my trip away. What do you think? You can say no lol x
    I am but I've not had chance to order the minx, sorry. I would rather do swaps for things I regularly do though x
    It's going OK a bit slow at the moment but people have got to get to know I'm there first x
    I can't decide between a pedicure or a tan. I don't really like my feet and I've never had a pedicure before but I think I would like one. I might like my feet a bit more if I had one. On the other hand I could choose a tan but I worry about the colour because I'm really pale. I'll order the minx while I'm thinking x
    I didn't even realise it was you that posted it if I'm honest I just replied lol. I'll have a think about it because I don't actually know how you use one but if someone else wants it let them. If you want to go on the s2 website and pick which minx you want I'll order it and then we can have a swap. What would you swap minx for? x
    Excellent, I dont mind the hairdryer thats what I use for the trendy ones. My number is 07905611599 x
    That would be brilliant thank you. Not sure yet about minx but I'll let you know as soon as I get my lamp, I've practiced with it quite a bit using the hair dryer but thats not very proffesional. I couldn't get on with trendy wraps. x
    Thankyou, your nails look fantastic! We offer trendy nail wraps in the salon and Ive never had minx when are you looking at offering it? I would do swaps on anything.
    Tanning I found quite easy as my trainer was excellent but have had a few girls in the salon do them with not much success, I would gladly show you how I was taught x
    I like your website, I'd be interested in a tan or a pedicure, I didn't see your reply before. I'm glad you'll be a guinea pig for me when I start tanning as I'm not sure it will be as easy as I first thought. I've not started doing minx yet I need to get a lamp sorted and everything. I'm mobile by the way x
    Not sure I just thought it would nice to be honest because I never end up getting treatments just always doing them for others. I do l&p or silk nail enhancements, a range of manicures and make-up at the moment. I'll be doing spray tanning at the end of september. My website is if you would like a look x
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