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    CND LED lamp?

    I haven't had any curing issues and find it lasts very well. I did have issues where it sparked from where the lead is placed into the power connector and this caused it to go off mid curing if client moved hand or foot. I rang up and was issued a new replacement lamp within 24hrs so cannot...
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    Nail tech in South Yorkshire?

    Not at all, I did this so that I am able to keep full control over what people add as previously I had a business page and lots of others thought it was free reign to advertise themselves on it x
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    Nail tech in South Yorkshire?
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    Nail tech in South Yorkshire?

    I dont have a website i'm afraid I'm a mobile tech, my group on facebook is perfectly polished.
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    Nail tech in South Yorkshire?

    Hi I cover Rotherham/Sheffield area for this it would be £30 x
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    Beauty room and toilet/kitchen access

    Hi, If it was just for access to the loo then it wouldnt be too much of an issue but if its for hairdressers to mix colours and you do treatments such as massage and facials it could be a major problem as they would be in and out constantly. I had the same with a salon I took on for a year and...
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    Has anyone got this Roo beauty case?

    I have this in giraffe print and find it really good. I fit my cnd lamp, acrylic nail kit, pots of gel, manicure tools, towel, couch roll & a few gel polishes. I am about to get the polish case with the 3 cases in for my gel polishes as I think they would be easier and safer to transport this way.
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    Pale yellow acrylic

    Young nails have this colour in their pastels range and you can buy the individual pot without paying out for the full collection. Hope this helps x
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    Appointment cancellation help!

    To be honest if I was a client and had been cancelled so many times in such a short time frame I would just not use you again. Everyone reacts in different ways and as much as I feel slating you on facebook isnt the right way, I can also understand how angry they will be feeling. From what you...
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    HD trained without account

    Hi, I am unsure with regards to HD however Bio Sculpture are tyerrible with regards to trying to get more money from you in this situation. My colleague paid for the training using her husbands credit card even though it was all arranged via the salon but on leaving bio have said she will have...
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    Gelish hard gel or Fusion Acrylic?

    I would say go with the fusion to start with as a) it can be soaked off (hard gel cannot) which is not great for short term wearers b) Acrylic is more popular and asked for 99% of the time c) Fusion is stronger than gelish hard gel Hope this helps
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    CND course help?

    Hi, Liquid & Powder is what we know as 'Acrylic Nails' and Brisa Sculpting is a Gel. Hope this helps
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