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    Hi could I have info on your led canopy please

    Hi could I have info on your led canopy please
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    Applying nail crystals

    I've seen the wax pencil but have bought the diamanté application tool on eBay, like a little plastic stick with a blob of waxy stuff on the end, it's aimed at crafters but is quite good :) for years I just used a wet orange stick tho :lol:xxx
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    Beauticians with psoriasis/other skin conditions

    Due to psoriatic arthritis my sis is actually in hospital at this moment having had her second hip replacement (age 34) and I think I am just sooo lucky that methotrexate has treated me really well. It's sad that there are so many drugs out there but we can't try them until others fail, my mum...
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    Kelly Osbourne's nails

    A weaker stiletto with a cute glitter freehand heart, seen this a lot lately but it is effective xxx
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    Permanent fake tan staining!

    What are the lines like when you tan in the sun? Do they get darker? Any mishaps I encounter are solved with a shower involving body scrub and baby oil but don't know why, years later, and with natural shedding etc that these lines still exist :rolleyes: sorry if that wasn't much help xxx
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    Hello! Spray tan machine advice

    TS50! You'll only end up getting it anyway! With Nouvatan kit I got my superb training free! The best in my very busy opinion! Xxx
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    Beauticians with psoriasis/other skin conditions

    I would say that anyone that queries your standard as a therapist due to having psoriasis needs a tweezers in the eye! But that's from a fellow "sufferer" who up until a year ago had a 50% body covering. Speaking to customers everyday was a nightmare, my hands and arms were so tight and...
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    Which gel polish is the best?

    Yep they sell in Sally's, my fave colours are shake it till ya samba and bellas vampire. Not sure when next vat free day is, had one here last Thursday xxx
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    For some reason can't post more than one photo at a time :evil:
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Must stop getting excited and doing my nails more than once a day! The pink is Gelish passion with Konad and the second and third are Tiger Blossum and freestyle. Had all the training but not yet a pro, but I'm loving the practise! Xxx
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    Gelish suggestions for Spring time?

    Looking forward to these! Love all the pretty colours for Spring! Roll on 2013 and less rain!!! xxx
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    Could someone check my EE's?

    I'm fairly new to this myself but think you're doing well, it is practise practise practise and I find I use a bit too much glue as get the stickies, have just received a sample of a faster drying so hoping this helps me. Also, know how you feel regarding the direction!!! Its a mare, but we will...
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    Favourite SP Lash Glue

    Ooh, have emailed you my address too! Just about to place an order for some eyelash bits and glue elsewhere! Its time I took my glue up a notch as think I've got a bit faster and getting frustrated with the stickies! xxx
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    Wow - how to create these nails?

    Such beautiful colours! Need to add some more out of the ordinary colours to my Gelish collection!
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Your partner let you do that? haha hes a keeper! :)