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  • Yes! I CANT wait for it to arrive..i ordered some last night but I dont think I will get it untill Monday because of the weekend :(

    so excited though!!! x
    I trained in October and qualified in November for L+P. I wanted to do gel too..and like you said the only way to do gel with CND is by going L+P if you are a complete newbie which i am. I do prefer brisa, so much easier to file and doesn't set unless cured which i love as i can get my smiles perfect (almost!)! I havent tried shellac yet, really want to and want to do spa and mani etc but not sure if i can afford it having just spent so much on L+P and gel. I'm sure i will get there with both and then i can expand.

    Did you have the shellac training? xx
    Hiya, I have just seen ur comment on l+p to natural nails. I'm in the same position to u. I love gorgeous looking nails and I too hold down a full time job and as I enjoy doing nails thought it would be a route to enjoy. I do l+p and gel and prefer gel as it doesn't set by itself unlike the l+p but really hate bringing myself to even practice l+p. How long ago did u train? I hate my l+p sets :'( xx
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