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    READ ME!

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    GMEX!!!!!!! 2 spaces left!

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    Race for life!

    Victoria, Thank You so much for your donation! It's my first one! I am really excited! You are a star.
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    Race for life!

    Hi guys, I have just entered the Race for Life in Leeds on 22nd May 2005. My aim is to raise at least £250, and I really need your help in achieving that. My Grandma died of Liver Cancer last year, and my Best Friends Auntie has just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. So I am running...
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    Refund?? on a models nails????

    Hahaha, believe it or not some days Idid hide in the back of my shop because it was really upsetting. However the girl walked passed again today. Now she just puts her head down and walks quickly past. :cool:
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    pedicure 'bowl' where can i get one

    That is soooooo weird, I love that bowl! Is is so much nicer than my pedi bath that moves along the floor as it vibrates! :rolleyes: :lol: Count me in on the numbers for that discount! :lol:
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    Shoulders Back

    That's excellent to know! I have just started going to Physio and have been looking at these since last year! I'm definatley going to get one now I know they are worth it! Hopefully my agonizing shoulder that I want to rip off will start to feel better! :lol:
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    What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

    Okay, my first one is what somebody else does to make me proud to be Creative! 1) I have chosen Samantha Sweet as my new mentor! (And now she knows! :lol: ) Because of the above post, and because when I had a chat with her the other month she inspired me. So I am proud that I am a...
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    Creative Colorpop Dispay Discs...

    Yes hun, I got mine there the other week! It's fab, I am definatley converted from Perfect pink! You will love it!
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    Refund?? on a models nails????

    Hmmm! Low cost nails and then a refund! AS IF! She knew she was a model, and she paid pittence! (Cant spell!) :rolleyes: She is trying it on, and we all come across this. I had a girl have nail art before Christmas, she came back the following day saying her rhinestones, that were...
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    Help & advice needed

    Yeah, just ignore them! :lol: Seems to have worked for time being as one of them is now booking in advance! I know it won't last, but at least I know now why the are the way they are, and more importantly that the rest of you have the same trouble! :wink2: :lol: Victoria x
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    Help & advice needed

    Thanks for your advice guys. My 2 'friends' have just become really catty, and really self involved. So I have just decided to leave them too it. Recently my friend from school died, just before Christmas, it was a terrible thing and I miss her, but I got no support from the above two at...
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    Help & advice needed

    Help! I am having trouble with un-supportive friends and need advice. My best friend went elsewhere whilst I was away just after Christmas. She had white tips applied, and just had clear acrylic over them. She never said anything and came back to me for a re-balance as thoiugh she hadn't...
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    So much has happened!

    Sorry to hear that. I hope things go as best as they can in that situation.
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    So much has happened!

    Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for a while! Such much has been going on! My Mum had a terrible accident on the M1 a few weeks back. She has a Mazda MX5 and she was in the middle lane when a big foreign truck pulled into her lane and hit the passenger side of her car. Somehow she ended...