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  • hi there
    I saw you posted a while ago about cuccios pronto soak off uv gel polish. ARe you still using it? the reason is I have started using it by finding some problems..... some of the darker colours especially once cured dont seem to have take to the tip on the nail?
    I have read various application suggestions where some people suggest to wipe the base coat gel with a gel brush first before applying the colours?
    any help you can offer for application is much appreciated.
    Kind regards
    lol getting that feeling too :( May try a girl loclish to me but she only does bonded ones? She charges around £80-£120 for a full head which seems a tad too cheap? xx
    Did she not send you her phone number etc hun? Will try to find someone closer to home to sort it - hubby was hoping to take me to her in London for a consultation as his mate is vsiting who can do the drive cos hubby not well enough to go that far :D xxx
    I have posted a msg for you on my models required page
    hope to hear from you soon !
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