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    Maidstone starter salon for sale

    Salon in Maidstone priced to sell, please see this link if you're interested. Would be perfect for someone with a client base looking to branch out on their own as very low overheads with service bills included in the £300 a week rent...
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    Selling up, what’s the best way to sell my stock and furniture?

    Excellent thank you, I've been figuring that'll be the best bet, just bite the bullet and get on with it
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    Selling up, what’s the best way to sell my stock and furniture?

    This covid stuff isn’t for me. So I’ve made the decision to sell my salon business or just the stock and furniture. Does anyone know what resources are best to go about this?
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    How to address hygiene issue to client tactfully?

    I have hot towels in my salon room and offer clients a baby wipe or hot towel to freshen up with. My first ever full Brazilian customer had a smelly back area and I was mortified.
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    Which microblading course would you recommend?

    I trained to VTCT Level 4 with Sue Moxley in Essex. She only does 1 on 1 training so you have her undivided attention during the course. You have to do 14 case studies before your exam and have to complete a VTCT theory portfolio. It's quite full on but is a government recognised qualification...
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    Had to cancel day’s work 3 days in advance, client’s mum livid with me

    Thank you all and thanks wonderwoman for the knowledge about malicious communications. Not heard from her again, thank God. Lucky escape methinks.
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    Had to cancel day’s work 3 days in advance, client’s mum livid with me

    Nah Groupon won't do anything about them. I have a great relationship with my Groupon contact. Just I'm new so was wondering whether my 3 days notice was a bit short in relation to what others have had to do in the past. I've had to cancel on the day before after waking up with runny nose colds...
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    Expanding my business to training academy

    If it is anything like VTCT teacher training, you will need to have trained with Habia and the level 3 trainers certificate will need to be accredited by Habia in order for you to teach Habia courses. You will also need to register with Habia to use their training materials and use one of their...
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    Had to cancel day’s work 3 days in advance, client’s mum livid with me

    I am currently having some works done on my treatment rooms to create 2 rooms out of 1 large one. The work is nearly finished but I am pretty sure it will run into next weeks bookings which start on Wednesday so today I messaged all my Wednesday customers to give them a heads up that I may need...
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    3D Lipo machine benefits

    Nope. Customers like results they can feel or see. Cryolipolisis takes weeks to see the effects and by then the customer could have built new fat cells or even forgotten what they looked like before. It’s a huge layout for a not very popular treatment
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    Comfortable footwear?

    Ooh lovely, they’re my fave footwear anyway so that makes me happy. I have a skechers store near me so will pop in and buy their most comfy pair then. Thanks hun xx
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    Comfortable footwear?

    I have had a few days back to back massages and have more coming up in the near future. Please can someone recommend decent salon appropriate footwear to avoid crippling ball of foot ache I have had for the last 3 days.
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    New academy?

    Have a clear and concise website, don't offer too much for free or people will wonder why it's so cheap. Get past students to write you testimonials for your website. Have a good calendar offering a range of dates for each course.
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    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/media-folder/what-does-level-7-mean-in-the-aesthetic-medicine-sector Read the whole article on the above link for more information regarding the future of Beauty Therapy aesthetics. Subsequently this link will take you to a page showing 3 training...
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    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    The HEE has stated that they will not be legislating against Beauty Therapists training and performing injectables, this is related to people self injecting with Insulin. Rather the HEE has stated that the industry would better suit self regulation. Therefore the JCCP, is currently working on...