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    Card payment systems help!

    Sum up is brill!
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    What causes Shellac to lift?

    Are you prepping the nails right? You need to dehydrate the nail and make sure it's completely clean before you apply anything. You also need to question what your client has been doing. It's quite awkward I know but I had the same thing a couple of years ago and it turned out my client went...
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    Gelish Coral colour

    CND have a colour called "Tropix" which my clients always say is the perfect coral colour. I have used gelish top and base with CND colour and it worked fine and lasted fine. Maybe you could use this?? Hope this helps
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    Salon app

    I have just booked my trade test with them for nails too. I'd just take with you what you'd need to do all nail treatments, or what you'd take to a clients house - that's what I'll be doing! I'd be interested to hear if anyone has and experience with them too Xx
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    Mobile therapist - should clients sign?

    I think if you explain everything in the consultation for example - what's going to happen, realistic results, possible aftercare/contra actions and then the clients sign then it shows she is happy to under go the treatment having had the discussion. That way you've covered everything and her...
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    Mobile therapist - should clients sign?

    Hi, You must always get a signature from your clients confirming you have carried out a consultation and they are happy and understand what will happen in regards to their treatment. If you do not get this signature, your insurance policy will be void!! Hope this helps, Charlotte x
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    I want to teach, where next?

    Hi, What do you mean by educator? - From what I understand you can either be a trainer or a teacher. A trainer is somebody that works with brands such as CND and goes round spas educating therapists in the brand and how to use it, if this is what you want to do I'd suggest you get into contact...