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  • Hi, I’m really anxious about this Coronavirus situation. I have a young family and husband with asthma at home. I’ve came into work this morning (as I work in a hotel) and found out I have 3 full body massages today. I just had a meltdown as do not feel that hand washing is enough protection from someone breathing on you in a small salon with no windows/ventilation. I would like to know what other therapists are doin
    Hi Gwen I'm panicking too! The thought of my business in ruins is freaking me out. All I'm doing is messaging every client the day before they at booked to check if they have symptoms or been away. I've been cleaning every time I can and thoroughly barbiciding tools.
    I've been keeping an eye on the gov website about the £3000 they are proposing to give to small businesses X
    House Beauty
    I’ve stopped working!

    I was doing the PPE but other countries are advising no close contact. I personally think our government is being too chill about it. Us and cashiers are at the brunt and will be the ones who get this first.
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