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  • Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Hope you have a fabby day
    Hi ya thanks for your "thanks", this could go on a long time!!!!
    I agree I haven't come across anyone from our neck of the woods yet although I think there is someone on forum from near Epsom. We have something else in common my birthday is in August, the 1st, both "Leos" but sadly I am soooo much older than you!
    The course was great at SCOLA, until I became ill. All the girls/women were great and the tutors very nice. I would recommend it. If the hours are too much look into just doing the modules as I suggested. I will be back there in September with the new in take if I have recovered in time, so who knows, may even meet you there! If you need any more info etc keep in touch it's all about helping each other in this industry, not bitchy at all. Go for it, it will be a skill you will have for life and you will be able to use it either as mobile or from home which will fit in with your young family, or, as they get older, you could progress on to specialising in certain areas, or even have your own salon, the skys the limit!!! By the way I live in Wallington. Good luck with your future XXX
    Hi hun thanks for the noty sorry i didn't reply earlier.
    Im ok thanks enjoying the nice weather.
    Hope you have a good weekend xxxxx
    Im ok thanks, hoping to get all my work signed off on friday at college then i can leave.Im saving up for my creative course aswell excited for that.Had alot of upset with daughter but apart from that im fine thanks for asking.So how things with you? i love this site as people do really care about each other xx
    I'm good thanks, looking forward to my day off tomorrow (can't do any geeking though). How are you?
    it went a bit frantic in the chat room earlier i cudn't keep up eyes gave up in the end.
    anyhow how are u and are you any closer to your decision???
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