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    Mix to this colour

    Help please!!! What colours could I mix to get to this colour? Tia [emoji16][emoji16]
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    Just qualified and need some advice!

    Have you searched for any other threads that are about The Manicure Company, I don't personally use them but have read good things - FYI not all lower priced professinal brands are lower quality and you may not necessarily get any issues. People still have issues with Shellac! I use Cuccio...
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    Gel powder-does it exist?

    My local NSS salons call it Crystal Gel Powder and charge more for it, I've had plenty of people coming to me and saying that the gel I use isn't the same as they've had previously. Love telling them they're being ripped off as it means they won't be returning to the NSS salons (not because...
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    Shaping acrylic nail body properly

    First of all make sure you have softened the edges of your file with an old file so it's not as sharp, you don't want to nick the client as you get close to the skin. Also, always go in one direction in a kind of arc shape so you are following the shape of the nail up, over and down. Pulling...
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    Cuccio Veneer

    Nude-a-tude is my fave!! Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Turkish Delight Boston Cream Pie A Kiss in Paris I Left My Heart in San Francisco Los Angeles Luscious There are so many swatches on Google I tend to look at other peoples work on colour pops to get a better idea of the actual colour :)
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Sometimes I just love a simple pink [emoji175][emoji1387]
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Obsessed with this set for my holiday <3
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    First ever client tonight!

    Send us your full prep procedure - when I first trained I struggled with this but my prep was nowhere near what it should have been. Send us the above and it might help us pinpoint for you :) Did you mention this to your trainer?
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    Gel nail art for beginner

    I use Moyou stamping polishes with their plates and stamper. Although I have used Models Own polish and China Glaze - darker the polish the more pigmented it is so easier to stamp with.
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    Gel nail art for beginner

    Stamping - I can't free hand at all so use Moyou stamping plates and you can get so many different pictures and designs. Edit: You can't actually stamp with gel polish though, you'd need highly pigmented regular polish.
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    First ever client tonight!

    Fake it until you make it! :) Act confident and the client will feel confident with your services! Have some music on in the background so you don't need to fill every silence and can concentrate more. Make sure you have everything you need before the client arrives and all laid out close...
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    Really need advice please?

    Hasn't this been going on for months now?! If you work at a company they do not need to remove every trace of you when you leave - you just need to leave and move on. Have you not managed to find another job yet? If you haven't you need to think about going mobile, you've said previously you...
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    Hard to tan skin

    Have you tried St Tropez oil? I love the whole St Tropez range! Do you moisturise beforehand as that won't let it absorb properly. Try not to shave your legs on the day of applying and make sure you scrub regularly so the tan has a good 'base'.
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    Gel lifting from tips

    It may be incorrect curing but sometimes it just happens on one thumb - it doesn't lift from my natural nail it's like the gel just doesn't adhere to the tip properly :confused:
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    Gel lifting from tips

    Hiya, I've recently started having problems with the gel lifting from just the tips. It only really happens on my thumbs and only on myself. (Majority of my clients are gel polish though). Does anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening? I file the tips when blending and remove shine...