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  • nope cant make it on Friday as have client in shame I was looking forward to it.
    That me in my room will need to post some pictures, been in there 3 weeks now and getting clients through the salon which is good.
    Have you been busy? xx
    Hi Cath can I use some of your pics on our new Glam Lash website? just building it just now will be under students photo section. Lou xx
    yes defo, i had such a great day. got a busy week ahead off me was working today and got to late nights this week too but we will catch up soon could even try to arrange something in time for the girls infills if thats not to soon for you??
    Just think when i get my room all sorted you could all come through to me but you only invited if you bring soup lol.
    looking forward to hearing how you get on during the week so mind let me know xx
    Ooh and I'm loving my lashes.....I'll need to arrange for many weeks do I leave it? oh and how much is it, I can't find the infill price on your brochure? xxx
    Hiya Cath, just to say thank you for having us all yesterday, it was fab.....when can we come again???? Glad you like your Minx, you'll have to keep me posted how long they last for you, I've only done toes before. xxxx
    Well I hope my lashes are as good as that soon, just need to get my friends round to practice lol. It just takes me so long to do, with very little spare time. Going to try to fiot in a set a week for the next month and see how I go from there.
    I loved the training, was a bit of an overload for me but loved it.
    Well done you for getting back into things so soon after a baby, my youngest is almost 1 1/2 yrs now so in at everything xx
    Hi, just saw your lash pictures, they look fab!!!!!
    How long have you been doing lashes for?
    I just trained with Glam lash on Sat, so been looking for some inspiration lol xxx
    there you go done
    from now on when i get a new message i wont be able to remember what i was speaking to peeps about in the first place lol
    should make for some interesting conversations in the future
    night night betty (haha)
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