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  • hi there i saw that you done threading with nsi was it the one i hillington and was it any good thanks
    Hiya hun, I have my model already sorted, but my course is on 1st so if we're getting together on 6th I can do yours then, if you'll trust such a newbie!!!
    not sure if you got my pm or if i sent you a blank one ?
    Just lashes babe, my nails are a bit rusty but could do a set of popitts no problem
    or a wee song and dance if that helps lol
    you really wouldn't want to see me to do that xx
    :) ok dokey, let me know how it goes.
    If you find you need a few hours with Mags or Amanda with the new glue for practice let me know. But hopefully you will be fine. Remember it dries in 2 to 3 sec xx
    Yeah, just checked with her and that offer ended in November.
    Never mind, thanks anyway xx
    Hi, when are you doing the glam lash training? I will book it tomorrow if I can get the training and kit at that price :) x
    Happy new year to you tooo. did you have a good xmas? That sounds great but would only be able to make if at the weekend... The babysitters during the weekdays :( Let me know when you decide be great to meet up xx
    yep, id be up for that and if by lou you mean loubilicious then that would be even better cause i promised lou a set before xmas and it never happened. Im in Glasgow so getting train to you wouldnt be a problem if you could get me from the station.
    I normaly get my day off on a Tuesday and only work till 12 on a Saturday if thats more suitable for everyone will leave the arranging up to you if thats ok.
    speak soon xx
    That would be a great idea and it would give me the chance to experience what the client does. Shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but i'm a lash virgin ive never had them done before lol and it would give me the change to pick your brains. How many lashes do you use per eye you've got me panicing that you might feel a little bit bold by the time im finished with you xx
    Hi Cath, nice to hear from you.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.
    Yes lashes are coming on get lots of practice in over Christmas still a long way off getting 60 lashes per eye but will get there :0(
    I've just not your in West Dunbartonshire do you remember a shop called Select that used to be on the Main St? I worked theres years ago, oh its a small world eh xx
    Hi, Glam Lash has landed :) Glam Lash
    Quote: glamlash001 to get £5 off your next order over £10.

    Louise x
    Hiya Cath, Denise had mentioned you but I couldn't remember your user name. It's good to get to know people locally. I hear you' expecting soon. Hope you're feeling ok. The 3 of us will have to get together one day. Lou x
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