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  • Hiya Cath,

    how u? Keeping well i hope. Thanks for the post re Mags, cant believe it. Think it somebody with grudge as they only joined recently and have only made two posts. Makes u think eh! Havent been on salon geek for a while but heard about the post and it made me mad, Mags is soo nice as well. Ah well some people are soo nasty. Wouldnt have been so bad if they had kept the negatives just to the Academy in general. You must be getting really big now!! Rem and keep in touch. Loadsaluv

    Amanda xx
    Thanks very much!!! the bruising sounds sore.....I will need to look at CTA sounds quite good. Definately need to meet up once your all settlled with baby. xx
    It is so addictive, I am now looking to do clinical aromatherapy and massage at central college in January. Have just paid for my anatomy and physiology with CTA to get that done now too. I fancy trying Reiki would love to do pregnancy massage and baby massage aswell as a few more holistic therapies. It is all to do money though. I have just spent about £1200 finishing my beauty specalist got the threading and hopi through my ILA and will use this years ILA for part of the aromatherapy course next year.

    If your looking for waxing models give me a shout and if you need any help I can do what I can. I have been waxing since November and have a home salon set up now. Would need to do the waxing model after the baby is here as I have kust had my binili line done and the bruising too about 5 days to calm down. not so much fun and my brows bruised up too. Not normal for me to have so much bruising......

    If you ever want to meet up to chat or anythink give me a shout. Cath
    Hi Cath 2 weeks I bet you can't wait, and wow you have been busy with all the courses I did a another tanning course with Tantricks really just to use my machine and I am at college at clydebank for the waxing, I am going to do eyelash tints and did think of doing the lashes but I did not really know how popular it would be here in Sunny Dumbarton, plus hubby told me to put the breaks on loads of spending money but put nothing into action yet. Was going to start when I was due back to work... However thats a really good price at Caladonian. Its all very addictive !!!

    All the best with the baby

    Take care
    Denise x
    Hi Cath

    Hope you are well how long till baby due now?? Is this your 1st? I am on maternity leave just now and due back Oct :( this is my 3rd baby. How are you getting on with your lash extensions? If you are looking for anyone to guniea pig for you Im always willing. Take care .all the best xx
    How does that iva work? threading whats that know eye brows but what?? Ive not done any more with cta funds ran out so what i learnt would have to do to be honest axing and spray tanning are my busiest thats why am going to do non strip think its a good think to have as well its just in perth so thats great. plus ive a nail course at finger tip centre end of july its all slow eh??? ive ordred another 500 hundred leaflets so here hoping that will bring few in eh.
    Maybe if you free we could get together for unch i could give you manicure pedicure pamer a woman and her bump you take care

    Hello great to hear from you. You will be taken a year out off nhs you will have your hands full do you know what your having?? pink or blue??
    My buisness well bit like you slow got my regulars could do with a few more so leaflet droping all the time. What about training you done anything new. Im going on a waxing course end of month but am trying to get good at what am doing. You been many new treatments.
    Well thanks again you take care
    Hello Stranger how you and bump?? Hope your doing good and slowing down. How is work you been busy?? Am at work the now 2hrs to go yipee Just thought id say hello take care

    Hi Cath

    Thanks for getting back to me. Congratulations on your pregnancy I just had my 3rd 14 weeks ago... Its good to hear the business is there. Good for you doing the threading its looks really good.. I am doing the hollywood toes at NSI at the end of the month. The courses are getting addictive, keep thinking of the next one I want to do....

    Take care and thanks again

    Hi There

    I saw one of your messages and saw you were from west dunbartonshire. I am in Dumbarton. Just trained at clydebank college with NSI products and also doing a course nsi next week spray tan. How are you finding business in Dumbarton is it quite good???

    Hope you dont mind me pm'ing..
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