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    Tinting dilema HELP!! please

    yes I did carry out the prep as I always do and in 3 years have never had anything like it happen to me. I always always make sure that I have vasline on and a damp cotton pad halved under the lower lashes and upper lid. Lets hope she understands and comes back to me!! She is a good client...
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    Tinting dilema HELP!! please

    Even if they did is there anything I can do to correct it. Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
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    Tinting dilema HELP!! please

    the pad was up and I had vasaline on! I had to re-adjust the pads before hand so had checked that.
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    Tinting dilema HELP!! please

    Hi All, Wondering if you could help. I have been tinting for 3 years now and today had a new lady carried out my prep vasaline on the eyes upper and lower placed a pad under the bottom lashes on top of vasaline, tinted as normal until I removed the pads and on only 1 eye my client had a load...
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    Need advice for the best eyelash extension courses

    I trained with Glam lash in Glasgow and highly recommend them After training in semi permanent you can go on to train in Lash in a Flash. Which are both Fab. x
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    Learning about lash extensions -advice needed!

    I trained with the Glam Lash Girls in Glasgow. They have training over the UK now. Training price and kits are really good. Louisestherapy on geek can help you out. Cath x
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    Glam lashes

    If you see Louisestherapy on here she might be able to help you out. Cath x
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    Hey Love you going to the beauty show on sunday?

    Hey Love you going to the beauty show on sunday?
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    posture for threading

    Are habia not looking to change the training method of threading to cats cradle? I thought they were for RSI back injury ect! I was shown the 3 methods when trained but was trained in cats cradle so if your using an other moethod I can help sorry. Hope you get it sorted though!
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    eyelash extensions, which one?

    For the semi permanent lashes 50 -70 is a good price and your only going to be doing yourself out of money making them any cheaper for clients. I really dont think that there is anything - maybe blink and go or express lashes but I don't do them dont know how they are done or what is charge I...
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    Eye lash extensions, please guide me

    I also trained with the girls at Glam Lash. Top training and product. there are so many out there and you will get so many people pointing you to who they trained with. You need to look at your training budget and kit budget all different lash companies what they are offering advise on here...
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    What is your salon Facebook?

    My link too folks. FB
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    Microdrmabrasion if client has botox?

    You can not have botox for 48 hours after a MD treatment and do not perform a treatment for 2 weeks after botox as far as I know. hth Cath
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    Scottish Beauty Show....who is going???

    I will be there too with Loubilisious. GOing to the fingertips open day too. Can't wait.
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    Lash Extensions. Can they hurt?

    The stinging and irritation could be a fast setting glue with high fumes. I have had my lashes done most of the time I have glam lash glue but last time I had them done another therapist used a different glue and it was stining and my eyes were bloodshot irritated and red for a day after...