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    S2 customer address query

    Anyone please ?
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    S2 customer address query

    Thankyou, can you please direct me to what page its possible to do that, As I have been searching the site, and can't see the "change your address"
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    S2 customer address query

    Evening all, Just a quick question... Can someone just confirm with me if you can change your address on the S2 site or do you have to phone them up and change your address over the phone ? Manythanks
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    Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer

    I use mine dry and they come out moist, but will try the other way - maybe they will be better :)
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    Bad/uncomfortable situation

    Its abit like shoot the messeger. Good on your bloke for knowing what's right and Shame on the girl for letting it happen. She must never have met a gentle man before.
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    Bad/uncomfortable situation

    You were thinking with your heart and looking out for another female - good on you ! and he sounds like a prat and needed putting in his place.
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    Just a quick lash question

    I dont offer lash extensions to the public, but have been talking to a friend and I told her that she will need to have her lashes (where-ever she goes) infilled every 2 weeks to maintain the look - how right am I ?
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    Best glitter eye shadow kits?

    If you can get your hands on it Hard Candy - Show Girls Secret Glitter Glue Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue hth
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    Baby and toddler shampoos

    I use to use Halo n Horns
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    Is it OK to text at the dinner table or while at a restaurant?

    I've only just recently got the latest phone and as wonderful as it is, there is nothing that important (unless its life or death) that you need to be on your phone during a meal or even just having a coffee with somebody. I notice all the time people on their mobiles whilst in company, I...
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    Im having a BOY

    Congrats on baby number 2, Stock up on your sleep
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    Have just watched Bridget Jones' Diary

    Grease and Mary Poppins
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    What makes you feel great?

    And most importantly...Walk with confidence and smile :)
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    Can you be poor and happy?

    Interesting Thread It made me think of some songs: Money, Money, Money - Abba Material Girl - Madonna Hey Big Spender - Shirley B Lets make lots of money - Pet Shop Boys But it was much harder to think of songs that are about not having money/working hard for it: Money cant buy...
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    Halloween/theatrical makeup

    Fantastic and horrible at the same time :)