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  • sorry only just read your message, the £5 off thing was weird , its on my site, I email ppl regularly but they seem to forget and refer anyway, when I give them the discount they are obviously pleased but then I think prrrr. I need not have lost out! but I still do it, its a good reward policy and I put a min of £20 spend on it. I tell everyone when they come in if their friend mentions them and has a tmnt they get the discount and when that original clients comes back they get it too but only if they do not get any sort of discount already, I log it at RAF in my diary so I never forget. Hope that helps. x
    Hiya, soz 4 not replying sooner. Been busy doing a super long thread on how I built up my lash clientelle. Finally posted it yesterday. I print up some flyers or cards at home that allow people 10 - 20% off. On the back it's got a space where my client puts their name, then it states for each new client they get £5 off their next visit. That way your existing clients do some flyering for you and are trying to get you clients. the new client gets a discount and the old client gets £5 off.
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