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  • I sent my friend Becky to you for gold minx toes and she is over the moon! I knew you would look after her!! She really loves them x
    Yeah Pines could make so much on nails, they just do manicure but their french polish is awful imo. I am quiet to at the mo but I usually do friends and family friends of friends and family and get quite a few referals from other geeks and salons when they are unable to fit someone in
    I work at the Forest Pines Hotel on reception but I do nails mobile! Great to have a fellow scunny geek!! Thought it was just me
    hey you still ok for monday .. you've got my address haven't you (you are still coming to my home yes?) yep you'll get your certs they take about 6 weeks to get so don't worry you'll get one xxx
    Thanks for the pic comment...they are the Minx French Silver Lightening! But I want to try cutting Minx in to smile lines! x
    Well mine is already wired in and screwed to the wall, so you're probably off getting a new one. I'm in Shrewsbury incidentally...
    LOL, glad you like the make-up mirror! It's all done with stuff you can pick up from IKEA relatively cheaply; think the mirror, light fittings and lights came to around £100 when I bought them back in 2007...
    hey! which minx did u get in your kit? the golden cheeta is fab! ive done 6 sets of them. and flowers are really cute and retro too. I cant wait for the new designs to come in, they sound fab! xxxxxx
    Oh good babe thats fab!
    Just concerntrating on the course at the mo as i have to catch up on a&p since sept cos ive started the course late, so really dont want to be busy lol (for a change)
    I'm loving the IHM it's a brill treatment.
    Good to see you back!! xxx
    Hey. where have you beeeeeeen????
    Not seen you on her for aaaaaaages .
    Hope your well and nice n busy with your treatments :)
    hello , thank you so much for the picture comments xx should get around to a step by step really!!! any thing i can help you with let me know xxxxx you did a great job with your spring fruit nails they were lush xx looking forwarded to seeing more work from you xxx
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