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  • thanks for the friendship request....but why...what have I done to deserve this LOL :eek::lol::hug:
    Ah, we have a St Bernard, a Pug and a Sheep (terrier/lurcher cross thing that looks like a shaggy black sheep lol)... all girls! Thought you might have a Yorkie from the pic, but was a bit hard to make out...
    Thanks for the friend add. What sort of doggy have you got? Sonia and I are doggy mad, we have 3 between us!
    hi, can you help me? I have a couple of questions about the difference between acrygel and calgel. What is better? Thanks
    Spray Tan Supermarket, HVLP Equipment, Tanning Solution, Popup Cubicle, Extractor Fans
    Update your profile hun so that geeks can answer any questions you need to post xx
    Hi there,
    Hope everything went well for you today! Wishing you every sucess for the future! x
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