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  • The product is Tammy Taylor Prizma colors mixed with #101 to get the color I wanted... =]
    Thank You for the comment on the pic...
    Sorry I have not replied.. I have just come back on to the site after a break. ( not my doing, kids, operation etc).. any way how did you go with the creative training?..have you done it as yet?. I am seriously thinking i need to get some more training. I wish I could sit down with Gigi for a few hours..... she is like a walking text book..only better.
    Hope you are well. X Mel
    oh really? could be a rather expensive chrissy present. It all depends on what your budget is. My tablet cost me $300 odd nz, and the trial software that I downloaded is worth about $900 odd :eek: hubby put his foot down at paying that so once the trial ran out that was it :cry: ummm I can have a look into for you if you want?
    Yep, did them on my wacom graphics tablet with a trial graphic program that I downloaded.
    Thanks for that. I've read the rebalance but not the prep. It looks really good and I'll print it off at work tomorrow... hehehe more study required - dam it!!! :) have a great night. Lisa
    Thanks for your HI :) I'm useless at using this site and only just realised I could sent a message back! hehe So I wasn't being rude :) Where in Aust are you? I'm in freeeeeeezing Canberra and just dying for summer to come brrrrr hehehe thanks again
    Hi Ya! I need help! I am trying to get a paper design to lay on a nail without it buckleing anywhere. I have used four glues, and tried to lay it in gel and wet acrylic after wetting it in monomer. The nail I am trying to put it on is a high arch. It will lay flat on a flat nail though.
    Thanks I thought so too. The one I entered was a bit of a shame on that angle.
    Thanks again
    colorpops is a company that makes a nail on a stick that you can display your nail art on. And they had a national comp recently.
    Hey girl! I have been trying to get some pics on this site. I Look at my album on my profile.
    I checked out your rose. It is awesome!!!!!!!!! I havent tried it yet. But it is on my list of things to do!
    Keep on nailin it!
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