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  • Hiya chicky, sorry I only just seen your message. I don't come on here much anymore...! Anyway all is fine, I'm busy put it that way. Hope you are okay & keeping well xxxxxx :hug:
    you are getting on beter than me, I couldnt have left the house last time i tried, just cant use my left hand for the brush at all, never mind I would just wreck them at work anyway lol, sun's shining here yeay, hope its nove over the weekend, dont want any more liqiud sunshine lol x
    I know, I still have major crisis's where I think oh no I can't do this, it's horrible, but think prob everyone went through it to begin with, give us a couple of years and we;ll be better. I think as well we see all our flaws, whereas the client doesnt know if you wished the smile was deeper etc, we will get there, wish you wern't so far away, we could service swap with nails as I can't do my own, using my left hand to do my right, well lets just say my 2 year old could peobably do bwtwr lol x
    I was like that when I got my first phone calls, and lost sleep worrying about the fact I had a client coming, if I am honest with some treatment I still get nervous and worked up, wanting to do a really good job, suppose better that way than us not caring about it eh?? the more practice the better, but its scary getting it lol, have you thought about getting some leaflets made up, and doing a leaflet drop in your area, its holiday season, so people want to look good for going away, might be a good time??? xxx
    Hey my love, long time no see, how are you? I am doing great thanks, been really busy, so it is all good xxx
    its hard to start up, letting people know who you are, where you are and what you do is the ehing, have you been posting on gumtree?? lots of people use that, and maybe get yourself a free website up and running, and post that on any free advertising site you can get, google local business is a good one, it helps get your listing rating up as well, weebly is the free website hoster that I use, its simple but easy to do, I have tried the fimo slices, got mines pre cut but found them a bit thick, have you got the new coverage powder yet, I got the pink at the beauty show, still have to have a good old play with it though x
    Hey mrs, I am good cheers, hows you are you busy with nails?? I am working for myself in hair salonnow 2 days a week, thur and sat, got a couple of small rooms for waxing and spray tanning and my nail bar is on the shop floor, geting there, getting more clients, it will just take time, going to be doing my eyelash extention coure soon, just needing a sunday date, not sure if they do it then though, everythings shut today with it being a bank holiday xx
    Ah that's great glad you had a good time, hope the head wasn't too bad lol, coffe would be good, well have a fabby xmas and new year, I am sure we will have a great time, the kids deffinately will!! talk soon x
    hey mrs, hows you?? how did your night out go and what were your nails like??? I am organised for xmas now......surprisingly, but that's more thanks to my hubby if I am honest lol....are youall done yet?? x
    he he, sugar plum fairy.....sounds nice, I am sure your nails will be fabby, you will have to take a photo so we can see, I just can't do my own nails, if I ever want them lookingnot bad I have to do the dreaded white tips with clear over the top, or else it looks like my 2 year old did my nails lol
    OOOOoo I am jealous!! lol, cant do my own, cant use my left hand at all, boo hoo, what you gonna get??
    tell me about it lol, my hubby has his own removals business, not the best line to be in just now , and over xmas/new year nobody moves....no jobs....no money...yickes lol we have 3 kids so it's tripple trouble ha ha, never mind, they will get what they get and that's it, all we can do is the best we can, it's not meant to be all about the presents anyhoo, so was it tracey you trained with in grangemouth??
    yea, for me as well, I am advertising on gumtree, and on the free online things, but only had 2 clients that arn't friends of friends or family, suppose it will take time, I;m gonna get some leaflets made up soon, and spend some time putting those out, hope it picks up for the both of us....the extra money would come in hady big time just now, wish santa paid for the gifts as well lol x
    hey there, saw your post in the UN social group, I see you come from fife...me too, I am in kirkcaldy, did my training with tracey too, thought I'd drop by and say hello, hows the nails going??
    Hiya Trish. How strange. i haven't been on here for months but thought I would take a look today and then I realized that you had written to me yesterday! :) I am fine! The comp. in Manchester didn't go very well but that's ok. :) I have also decided to move my salon, again... To the city-center again. I miss the city! :) The 1. of Feb. I will be in my new location, in the very center of the city. I can't wait to get there! How are you?

    Hug C. xxx
    no prbs babe just give the salon a call and the girlies will get you all sorted out with appointments LOL
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